"A Fly Killer!" Kills flies, cockroaches, and spiders. Guaranteed elimination. All-new time-released vapor technology. Clean and odorless.

Put the Smack Down on Pests with Fruit Fly Bar Pro

All food service establishments face an ongoing battle against pests but, because they reproduce so quickly, fruit flies in particular can be relentless. No matter how well your kitchen, bar, and dining room are maintained, discarded food and beverage residue tends to linger in sink drains and garbage bins. It’s that sludgy, greasy decay that attracts the fruit fly and it takes just one to start a big problem.

Fruit flies stand in that sludge and garbage when they are eating but they don’t stay there. They move around depositing bacteria and other illness-causing contaminants everywhere they land – on prep surfaces, utensils, people, and food! That’s why pest control is a Priority Foundation item in the Food Code.

When it comes to exterminating fruit flies, homemade traps work only on the flies that visit them. It’s the same with fly tape. And who wants to deal with traps and tapes filled with dead insects? Professional exterminators can help, but they’re expensive and have to make ongoing visits to your business. Do-it-yourself chemical treatments can also help, but you must use them with great caution around food prep and dining areas. You must also apply them repeatedly.

Instawares is excited to present Fruit Fly Bar Pro, the pest control innovation that’s easy to use and it works! Fruit Fly Bar Pro is similar to a fly tape; you hang it where pests are a problem and forget it. But, Fruit Fly Bar Pro is different than other extermination products because, within 24 hours, you’ll be fruit fly free! A single unit eliminates pests inside of a 200 sq. ft. area and protects from a re-infestation for up to four months – GUARANTEED!


Coffee & Breakfast for Dessert?

As a kid, breakfast for dinner was always an incredibly exciting weeknight twist. For students and night shift workers, breakfast 24/7 from fast food restaurants like Jack in the Box has its cachet. But now, breakfast for dessert is what’s on everyone’s mind!

This emerging 2014 food trend adds day-break foods to the modern chef’s weakness for mash-ups and also ties in American’s re-found love for tea! Earl Grey panna cotta is the lighter side of breakfast for dessert; doughnut sundaes are the extreme!

There’s really no way to get it wrong. Creativity is where you’ll find your own hit. Serve any kind of coffee- or tea-infused panna cotta in this modern gelato dish by Libbey. Could chocolate covered bacon be served in a pretty Dobla chocolate cup with some fresh whipped cream and candied nuts. How about serving kids a plate of cookies and milk from an old-fashioned milk bottle or a sundae in a cereal bowl with an assortment of cereals as toppings?


Sustainable Choices Please Restaurant Customers

A restaurateur’s take on environmental sustainability is a big part of his or her business’s marketing plan even it’s not intended to be.

Diners and drinkers (63% of them!) say they a more likely to visit restaurants that are environmentally conscious. So, if your business IS participating in earth-friendly activities, make sure your customers are aware. If your business is NOT participating in earthy-friendly activities, well, you may have already lost some customers.

Many food service establishments express their own interest in sustainability through the use of local food suppliers and ownership of their own farms and gardens but, research shows as much as diners appreciate farm-to-table dining, they actually are concerned more with environmental awareness through recycling and re-use.

Restaurants can adopt that earth-friendly behavior without having to sort the trash every night by using compostable products. Stout Eco Safe compostable trash bags and compostable disposables from Eco-Products  and NatureHouse are all attractively-designed products that will keep customers at the local juice shop or diner to-go counter feeling confident their choices (and yours!) are doing as little damage to the environment as possible. Instawares offers entire product lines from these manufacturers at prices that won’t do damage to your budget either.