Catering Outdoors: Chafers Don’t Have to Be a Challenge

Catering jobs are not for the faint of heart.

Catering jobs outdoors are survived only for the most fearless.

The risks and variables at play in a brick and mortar restaurant are 10 times greater at a catering event. Put that event outside and they’re multiplied even more. From the unpredictable number of guests to the weather, there are few things a caterer can expect to control during an event.

SternoCandleLamp WindGuard Fold Away Frames

Chafers are required equipment for caterers. So, any caterer who’s been at it for a while knows how awkward they are to travel with and how stressful it can be to deal with chafing fuel. It just never fails that at the worst possible time half the chafing fuels won’t light or the wind keeps blowing them out, and then it’s discovered that the extra box was left at the kitchen. Is it possible to prepare for any of that?

Yes! SternoCandleLamp (makers of the original Sterno brand canned heat) developed a solution: the WindGuard™ Fold-Away Chafing Dish Frame. It folds down for easy packing and, once it’s set up, protects Sterno flames from the wind. The protected flame consumes less chafing fuel than an unprotected flame and that extends burn time by 10%! Think of it as getting 2 free 4-hour Sternos with every case of 24 (plus the prevention of some major stress).