Why You Should Spill Some Cash For Liquor Pourers

liquor-pourerFirst off, you may be asking what a liquor pourer is. As plainly stated, it’s a device for pouring liquor, or at least doing so neatly. It’s a small attachment that you secure onto the top of a bottle of liquid, such as a bottle of vodka or olive oil. It reduces mess, promotes a consistent and easy pour, and also increases efficiency in the kitchen. Chances are if you’ve ever seen a bartender make a drink that wasn’t beer from the tap, you’ve seen these little devices in action.

Spill Stop

Many liquid pourers use a “spill stop” technology, meaning the liquid from the bottle will not come rushing out all at once. It’s a good thing for the most part, as you don’t want olive oil all over your counter, but it does slightly delay you getting to your delicious alcohol (rum being my personal choice). If that’s an issue, you might as well just take the top off and start drinking from the bottle.

These devices range in flow level so that you can decide what use you want it most for. For example, a high flow liquid pourer would be perfect for a party where the bartender needs to serve numerous drinks (or the aforementioned person needing a lot of alcohol quickly), and the low flow option would work for dripping red wine vinegar into a salad dressing.

Cost Benefits

Liquor pourers are great for anyone who is concerned about saving costs because they help to reduce the waste of spilled or over-poured liquid. Also, they form a great seal around the bottle so bugs will not get into your product, which is great for outdoor events. If the bottle contains something sweet or something that needs a tight closed seal over night, it’s wise to replace the liquid pourer with the original bottle cap to ensure freshness once the event is over, though. The pourers can be easily washed with warm soapy water. If you try something unique like Skittle Vodka, the excess sugar will definitely need to be wiped clean.

Liquor pourers are often sold in packs of three to twelve; you might think you only need just one, but they can be used for so many different things that you will be glad to have extras. They can be made from chrome, which is more expensive than the standard plastic-made device.These handy attachments are great both for parties and for your home. You can pour a different flavored syrup into your morning coffee every day, or a different alcohol each day if you want to really have fun mornings.