Canada Goes Crazy With 9 Patty “T-Rex” Burger, Poutine Pizza

Ah, Canada. For many people, it’s a forgotten land of grizzly bears and lumberjacks. It’s jokingly called “America’s Hat”. It’s full of stereotypes, such as lumberjacks with axes, as seen in Mobile Fighter G-Gundam with the “Grizzly Gundam”, a giant, axe-weilding robot. Stereotypes aren’t always accurate though, right? Canada may love poutine, but they wouldn’t be insane enough to put poutine on a pizza, would they? That’s Epic Meal Time territory.

Oh, wait.

They did.

Pizza Hut Canada has launched a Cheesy Beef Poutine Pizza, featuring mozzarella cheese fries, gravy, beef, and tomato sauce. They’re also pairing it with an Indian-inspired Creamy Butter Chicken Pizza. Both dishes are posed to celebrate Canada’s cultural diversity. Rounding out the menu is three other dishes that aren’t that odd; Savoury Asian BBQ just tosses typical asian veggies onto what looks to be a steak pizza, Smokey Maple Bacon is delicious bacon, and Grilled Chicken Club is available at most pizza buffets in America.

Pizza Hut in Canada is currently celebrating variety in their food. One burger place decided to celebrate excess.

Exclusively in Brandon, Manitoba, a Wendy’s franchisee was selling a 9-patty T-Rex burger. “Was” being the operative word, as they’ve officially killed the $21.99 burger (only $24.99 with fries and a drink). The large burger started out as a joke, but after enough requests, they began selling it (and ended up selling 2-3 a day). It’s an insane burger that should not be eaten (given that it’s 3,000 calories alone), and it seems to have gone largely unnoticed until, like the mammoth creature it’s named after, it had gone extinct.

Would you be up for trying any of the Canada-exclusive dishes? I’d definitely have tackled the T-Rex, and am considering replicating the Cheesy Beef Poutine Pizza with some fries and gravy, but nothing will beat actually having the original.