Carl’s Jr. and Popeyes Go Sweet With New Treats

It’s summer time, which means your customers might need a bit of ice cream to cool them down. If they’re not in the chilled-confection mood, they may want a bit of chicken with a different edge. Carl’s Jr. and Popeyes have introduced two new dishes that add a bit of sweet to their menus, but in unique ways.

First off, Carl’s Jr. (but apparently not sister brand Hardee’s) is offering up a new ice cream sandwich, Eater reports. Nothing explicitly unique in that concept, is there? For $1.49 (or currently free with a Super Bacon Cheeseburger), though, this ice cream sandwich is a Pop-Tarts ice cream sandwich. A scoop of vanilla ice cream is saddled between halves of strawberry frosted Pop-Tart. Tested initially in Southern California, the sandwich is enough of a success (and probably easy enough to produce) for the company to bring it out on a larger scale. Theoretically, this only adds boxes of Pop-Tarts to their kitchen.

On the other hand, Popeyes is keeping things focused on the hot side of their menu. Known for their chicken, they’ve introduced a waffle-battered plate of chicken tenders, paired with a honey maple dipping sauce. Stated to be inspired by Jazz legends (but most likely inspired by the food pairing concept of “chicken and waffles”), Foodbeast reports that the tenders come in a $4.99 meal of three tenders, cajun fries, biscuit, and honey maple dipping sauce. While you won’t get the waffle’s vaunted “flavor nooks” given the form, you will have a thick-enough sauce to dip them in.

Have you tried to look at the pairing of sweet and salty, like Popeyes has, or even seen how you can combine simple sweets for a new treat? These two chains are trying something new that doesn’t require much new effort from them. For Carl’s Jr., all that’s required are Pop-Tarts, and Popeyes most likely just needs a new batter and dipping sauce; the chicken and the rest of the meal are traditional.