Jack in the Box Panders To Late Night Munchies

The dishes look delicious, but in that way of “I can’t let someone think I eat like this.”

Jack in the Box has a certain notoriety within the fast food world. While delicious, it’s never claimed to be healthy, high-culture, or even nice on the stomach. They know their target demographic; people who want tacos at 3AM, a breakfast burrito when they wake up at 2PM, eggrolls with their hamburger, and so forth. These people (myself included) just thrive on the unique combinations you can make from the rather cheap dishes, while throwing health to the wind.

A new set of dishes, included in the Jack’s Munchie Meal, is surprisingly only sold after 9PM. If this is an attempt at getting late-night, post-dinner eaters in their restaurants, it’ll have to be seen how it plays out.

Jack’s Munchie Meal comes with, by default, two tacos and a drink. Coupling these everyday dishes is “Halfsies”, a mix of regular and curly fries. Venturing into the offbeat area, each Munchie Meal comes with an additional entree.

  • Stacked Grilled Cheeseburger: a sourdough grilled cheese and sourdough cheesburger share the middle sourdough bun. It’s a Big Mac with the middle stabilizing piece of bread, alternating contents above and below.
  • Exploding Cheesy Chicken: a chicken sandwich stacked with mozzarella sticks, white cheese sauce.
  • Loaded Chicken Nuggets: Much like a loaded baked potato, a pile of chicken nuggets comes with two different kinds of cheese, ranch, and bacon.
  • Brunch Burger: Hamburger patty, fried egg, crispy bacon and hash brown all on a croissant roll give you a 11AM meal at 11PM.

Brand Eating reports that the menu is being tested out in San Jose, California. With Jack in the Box not being a national chain, some of us will have to dream, or concoct these in our own homes.

The whole meal runs $6, with the individual entrees running $4 and Halfsies for $2.50.