Japan's Take On Burger King

Does the King reign over Japan? In a Japanese Burger King, you can stick with a regular hamburger, cheeseburger, Whopper Jr., fish or chicken sandwich. Most of the menu is the same and recognizable to an American.

What stands out is stuff like a double pork BBQ sandwich. You can get a Whopper with avocado and egg, coated in teriyaki. If you want chicken, they have both roasted and buffalo varieties. Feel free to order cheese bits on the side if you don’t want fries, Early in the morning? Get a sausage and tomato biscuit, a Caesar chicken burrito, or a triple sausage and cheese biscuit. Late in the evening? Get a NY Sundae (with optional raspberry sauce). Ready to party? Burger King in Japan serves Heineken Beer, Coca-Cola and Ginger Ale Highballs.

Let’s go over the odd things you can find at a Burger King in Japan.

The Crazy Whopper

We’ve had the Angry Whopper in America before. It replaced pickles, ketchup, and raw onions with jalapenos, “Angry Sauce”, “Angry Onions”, and added pepper-jack cheese and bacon. In Japan, they also featured the Crazy Whopper, changing the sauce up and apparently tripling the amount of jalapenos on the beast. When something called the “Angry Whopper” is the safe alternative, you know things have gone rough. I don’t even want to hazard a guess what the Angry J(amaica) adds to the mix.

Colorful Drinks

It seems every year, Burger King attempts to brighten up the summer with colorful drinks. They’ve done Irish Lemonade, Ice Matcha Latte, Mango & Banana, and Berry Berries this year, and Irish Coffee, Pink Grapefruit, Passion Mojito, and Blue Lemonade in the past. You might raise an eye at “Mojito” and various “Irish” drinks in the mixes, traditionally alcoholic creations, on the menu. It seems that, while these drinks might be virgin variations, Burger King Japan has no issue with alcohol on the menu.

Alcoholic Drinks

You can just outright order a Heineken Beer in Burger King. Also, go for a Coca-Cola or ginger ale Highball. Don’t drink and drive, but since most people in Japan don’t drive, this won’t be a problem. The site does have a helpful reminder that they won’t sell to minors, which is anyone under 20.

Number Whoppers

At most times, you can easily get a Whopper with two patties. One with three patties might be rare, but not unheard of. Japan decides to go all out once in a while, recently promoting the Whopper 5, a standard Whopper with five patties instead of one. That’s not the most insane number they’ve advertised; as a promotion for Windows 7, Burger King sold the Windows 7 Whopper. Seven patties might be a little too much for most, but CNN tried it out. It sold for 777 yen.



A grilled cinnamon apple slice on top of a hamburger patty? That’s the BK RiNGO. This seems interesting. It could add a nice crunch to a burger, and paired with honey mustard sauce, wouldn’t sound absurd in a high-end restaurant. In America, though, it’s an odd healthy addition to something traditionally unhealthy. If you want unhealthy additions to a hamburger, make sure to get…

Cheese Nacho Whopper and Fresh Avocado Whopper

A Cheese Nacho Whopper. Yes, that is cheese, tortilla chips, and jalapenos tossed on a hamburger. While the Fresh Avocado Whopper is the decidedly more healthy iteration, the Nacho Cheese Whopper looks interesting and not too unhealthy. Yeah, it’s nacho cheese, but plain tortilla chips and jalapenos aren’t that horrible. Assuming the nacho cheese is hot (and the chips are crunchy), this definitely changes the texture of the burger.

Avoid The Traditional Beef Burger

Not a fan of traditional beef? You can get a Double Pork BBQ Burger or a Spam BK Bites. They also sell a Roast Chicken Sandwich and a Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, the latter of which isn’t explicitly new in title, but being a roasted (and not breaded and fried) chicken breast is unique. Likewise, you can get a beef patty that’s been coated in teriyaki.

Really Have It Your Way

We’ve covered that you can add avocado to the burgers, but eggs can also be added for a good chunk of protein. If you really like a lot of lettuce, go ahead and make your sandwich a salad with a bun. If you really want to go out there, go for what Burger King calls a “meat monster“: add a chicken breast to your beef burger (or a beef patty to your chicken sandwich, I guess).

Breakfast Time

Traditional American fast-food breakfasts usually replace the beef patty with a sausage patty, make eggs readily available, and change the buns to biscuits. Japan goes for the Sausage and Tomato (which looks to be on an odd hybrid of a English Muffin and hamburger bun) and ups the ante with the Triple Sausage and Cheese. One oddity is the Caesar Chicken Burrito, which sounds like a Taco Bell breakfast item.

Side Dishes

Fries are a classic, but “American Cheese Fries” seems to be their attempt at Chili Cheese Fries. Cheese Bits were something that America tried out, and Japan seems to have grabbed ahold of it. For dessert, you can grab a NY Sundae (in both regular and Raspberry variation), since New York is obviously known for nothing more than it’s Sundaes. They look to be stacked on French Toast Sticks.

King Size Chicken

Over half a foot of a fried chicken breast is available, or at least was, as “king size chicken” for around a dollar. Adding BBQ sauce is a few cents, or yen, more. It doesn’t feature any bread, lettuce wraps, or anything else; it’s literally just a giant chunk of chicken. We’ve reached this point in humanity, people: slabs of fried chicken known for their size than flavors.

BK Party

Wait, no, this is the peak of humanity. Forget your traditional Christmas meal; you can grab the BK Party set. Four drinks, three sides, and a “Pizza-Size Burger”, which is four hamburgers sharing one bun. Don’t peel open gift wrapping, but peel off a piece of pizza.

If you went to Japan, you could easily enjoy most of your traditional meals, but where’s the fun in that? Have some fun, try a burger soaked in teriyaki sauce (topped with avocado, egg, pounds of jalapenos, and an apple slice), eat some American Cheese Fries, grab a beer, and celebrate New York with ice cream on what looks like french toast sticks.