Japan's Take On: Domino's, Part Two

It’s always entertaining to take a look at what American chains are releasing overseas. Domino’s Pizza, one of the most notable pizza chains in America (let alone Japan), proved to have a few interesting dishes in the past. Still, time marches on, the company proves that it has the urge to one-up itself once again.

RocketNews24 has covered their newest dish that costs more than a good night out eating for most. Their newest luxury pizza, ringing up at 5,800 yen (roughly $66 US dollars), features the standard crust and toppings, outside of deluxe steak sauce, potatoes, and onion.

Oh, it’s topped with Kobe beef steak, too. Kobe steak, for the uninitiated, is a well-marbled cut from Japan, regarded as a delicacy by most.

The pizza appears to be a hit; a thin-crust pizza is decent enough, but the Kobe beef is amazing, and only improves the pizza when the juicy flavoring spreads onto the pizza. Will it come to America?

Highly, highly unlikely. It’d be easier to order the equivalent pizza and put your own Kobe beef on the dish. While steak is not an absurd topping for a pizza, if you can track down Kobe beef at a reasonable price, why are you worrying about what sort of pizza to put it on?