Japan's Take On McDonalds

Japan likes to put a twist on traditional fast food fare from America, but how would Ray Kroc handle Japanese McDonalds? Can the definition of fast food survive in a world with noodle carts, sushi bars, and vending machines?

Basic Burger, Redefined

We may load our burgers up with some combination of mustard, ketchup, or mayo, but Japan tends to slather their burgers in teriyaki. Beyond the traditional beef-based burgers, they offer a shrimp fillet and pork sandwich. If you want to keep the fast food vibe but don’t want a variation on a burger, just go for a hot dog.

Side Dishes

Of course, you can get the legendary french fries (and a ice cream to dip them in, because everyone does that) and a side salad, but you can also get… a cup of sweet corn? That’s not the oddest thing, with that award going towards the bacon potato pie, which looks to be a carb and meat-filled variation on the apple pie concept.

Check Out The Chicken

The two dishes Japan likes to highlight that actually seem logical for America at some point are the “Shake It, Shake It” dishes of juicy chicken cheddar cheese and juicy red pepper chicken. Seeming to be a chicken patty that you shake a seasoning on, this is something that could easily get a trial run in America, especially given the success of the Mighty Wings for the Atlanta area.

Breakfast Muffins

Using English muffins as a base, McDonalds in Japan advertises the Mega Muffin, a marinated salad muffin, and a tuna muffin. All of these appear to be just a regular English muffin bun with the ingredients sandwiched between them. The Mega Muffin consists of two sausage patties, one piece of cheese, one egg, and bacon, while the marinated salad muffin looks to be bacon and cheese with a fair amount of lettuce with dressing on it. Tuna salad goes with a bit of cheese and lettuce in the tuna muffin, but seems no more better or worse than a tuna salad sandwich in America.

The Aussie Deli

I’ll leave the description of the Aussie Deli up to Google Translate

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The concept of McDonalds might have been American-born, and Japan seems to have not strayed too far from the original concepts of the chain. You could easily check out a McDonalds in Japan and get some foods you like, and some foods you might think should come to America.