Oatmeal Day: How You Can Make It Better

Today is National Oatmeal Day, which may not mean much to your restaruant. If you’re in the business of serving up breakfast, you should definitely take advantage of the day. If you’re not, you might want to look into adding oatmeal to your menu. A simple dish, oatmeal is known for it’s various health benefits. Can you take advantage of a desire of healthy eating at your restaurant?

The Various Health Benefits of Eating Oatmeal

SymptomFind has compiled a list of the various benefits you can have from eating oatmeal. All of these benefits take place on the inside, which is supremely important for living a long and healthy life. They include

  • Due to being rich in soluble fiber, oatmeal can help reduce LDL, the bad cholesterol.
  • Being high in fiber also means that the dish offers a reduced risk of developing high blood pressure.
  • It is full of antioxidants, one of which fights off free radicals that attack HDL, the good cholesterol.
  • The same antioxidant as above also helps fight off the hardening of arteries.
  • High fiber in oatmeal can help fight off both breast cancer, diabetes, and weight gain, all due to the fiber content.
  • The dish can boost the immune system.
  • As oatmeal is very low in gluten, eating it in moderation may be safe for those that are gluten-intolerant.

How Can I Spruce Up Oatmeal?

The Huffington Post has looked into a world of oatmeal toppings you may not have considered for your restaurant or personal life. Suggestions include

  • The standard fruit assortment of berries is always okay, but go outside of your comfort zone with pears, nectarines, pineapple, and mangoes, for example. Figs, mandarin oranges, pomegranate seeds, and passion fruit are all oddities that work surprisingly well with the big bowl.
  • Cacao, particularly dark chocolate, can be used in small doses to large effect, adding a bit of healthy sweetness to the breakfast dish.
  • Shredded carrots, zucchini, and eggplant are an off-the-wall trio of veggies that can perk your oatmeal dishes up.
  • Plant the seeds for a healthy day with sesame and pumpkin seeds, mint leaves, pistachios, and ginger.

Is There Profit in It?

The Washington Post reports that there is. Thanks to the combination of oatmeal being incredibly cheap and easy to produce, and finds that the dish is up there with breakfast sandwiches and yogurt for popular morning meals on the go. How simple is it to produce? Some restaurants purely soak the grains overnight and toss them in a rice cooker before pouring them into an oatmeal bowl or disposable foam bowl.

Many of the toppings for oatmeal are things you already carry in your restaurant; fresh fruits, brown sugar, various nuts and veggies and more. This might be a small investment that could pay off big for your restaurant. Oatmeal might be an unassuming start for your day and your restaurant, but could easily contribute to the health of both.