Pizza Hut Goes Firebaked Flatbread… Sorta

Pizza Hut has always been known for their signature pan pizzas. Earlier this year, they launched Pizza Sliders with the Super Bowl, but they seem to have flown over pretty low. In fact, a look at their current web site completely avoids mention of the dishes. What it does highlight is their new initiative, Firebaked Style Flatbread Pizza.

Much like their Pizza Sliders, the firebaked pizzas come six to a box, topped three different ways for $11.99. While the chain does not plan to actually fire bake the pizzas, given their limitations at the restaurants, the dishes purport to have much of the same taste and texture.

Pizza Hut looks to ensure the success of the Flatbread Pizzas by noting that you get more customization options than a large, and 14% more pizza than the same. While the pizzas were quietly slid into their online menu a week ago, they’re now receiving multimedia advertising.

It’s not the first initiative this year for a company involving flatbreads and pizzas. Chili’s introduced four pizzas and flatbread sandwiches, including Southwest Chicken, Taco, Pepperoni, and Five-Cheese pizzas.

While Pizza Hut has not indicated how they are simulating the fire baked nature of these pizzas, they do keep at trying to create a new winner. If the Pizza Sliders failed then they just join their line of discontinued attempts, such as the Bigfoot, Big New Yorker, Lasagna Pizza, Priazzo, Panormous Pizza, and more.

Has your restaurant attempted a new take on a classic dish? Simply changing up some of the ways, sizes, and varieties of pizza they sell, Pizza Hut has managed to stay active and creative in the field, one that tends to be a large battle between major chains and local shops. Pizza Hut finds itself in a strange location between the budget offerings by Little Caeser’s and premium-tasting offerings by locally-owned restaurants.