Pizza Hut Offers Overstuffed Pizza For A Second Crust


We’re pretty sure the guys at Epic Meal Time have covered this before, and it’s not that surprising or outlandish of a concept, but it will definitely have it’s fans.

Some people thrive on the crust of pizza, eating it first or stuffing it full of cheese. Others abhor it, abandoning it on paper plates and opting for thin crust to limit their amount of it.

This pizza is for people who absolutely adore the dough.

Essentially, it appears to be a normal pizza, with another layer of dough on top. Available as Italian Meat Trio or Supreme, you can view it as two pizzas combined, a giant calzone, the biggest disc of pizza bread, or whatever you desire. Pizza Hut sells the pizza for $12.99.

Will you be giving the pizza a try?