The Blurring Line Between Breakfast And Dessert

Some of the best things in the world are combinations of two already decent concepts. Transformers combine cars and giant robots, peanut butter cups combine peanut butter and chocolate, and the Flintstones/Jestons movie combined the stone-age and silicon-age first families of animation. Restaurants are finding luck by combining breakfast and dessert menus in new options and dishes. What could be in store for you, if you decide to follow the trend?

Nation’s Restaurant News reports that bits of breakfast are finding their way to the dessert menu at restaurants. Naturally, Rice Krispie Treats are a classic sweet, and donuts might be a quickie breakfast or a sweet treat at the end of the day, but inventive dishes like Cereal Milk Panna Cotta and Breakfast Ice Cream (cinnamon rolls, half and half, candied bacon, and more). Carl’s JR and Hardee’s, the same chain on different coasts, have even took the breakfast Pop-Tart and turned it into the “bread” in an ice cream sandwich, which we reported on about half a year ago.

Pancakes and waffles also commonly form sweet dinner treats, despite being iconically breakfast food. Ice cream has come in waffle cones for years. Belgian waffles are an amazing base for many sweet deserts; ice cream, whipped cream, fruits, and syrups can all top the waffle, contrasting hot and tasty waffles with cool and sweet toppings.

One unexpected place where breakfast foods show their night lives is the world of cocktails. The Washington Post points out.

Raw eggs turn up in many delicious cocktails: whole in flips and eggnogs, in pale heads of egg-white froth in drinks such as the pisco sour and the Ramos Gin Fizz. Eggs add a new element to familiar cocktails, says Alexandra Bookless, head bartender at the Passenger. “You get this completely different texture, and also it gives a very creamy and dessert-y element to a cocktail without adding dairy.”

Egg drinks offer a unique problem, in that they offer a chance for salmonella. It’s recommended that all eggs consumed need to be cooked until firm. even though some studies prove that alcohol included in the drinks may be sufficient enough to kill salmonella. If you do decide to have cocktails that feature eggs, it may be best to keep them limited.

The trend works both ways, but people have had sweets for breakfast for years, whether it be sweet donuts or even chocolate chip and fruit-featuring bagels, and even sugar-dusting on pancakes is a classic, tasty maneuver.

Have you considered ways to have breakfast inspire your dessert menu? Making things less savory and more sweet might be all it takes to have a new dessert menu on hand.