Uncommon Burger Toppings: Have You Tried Fried?

In the fast-paced world of hamburgers, major chains and local legends are always in competition with each other, trying to one-up one another with a more amazing burger.

When it comes to the bun, there’s a few options for improving or changing: the ramen burger craze existed, but traditional bread-based buns have a fair share of choices before you go to pastas, and a we’ve given you a general guide to making a better burger altogether.

Still, one quick and inventive way to improve or change up a burger is to swap out the toppings. The big chains are doing it; have you considered dropping some fried toppings on your burgers?

Burger King has tested the waters with onion rings in the past, and have brought them to their Value Menu in recent weeks, pairing the fried onions with barbecue sauce (which appears to be the common combination for the dish). McDonald’s has yet to adjust their burgers with fried onions (since they lack onion rings on their menu) as a budget option for variety, but they do offer grilled onions on their Grilled Onion Cheddar Burger.

Onion rings might be nice and fancy, but not every restaurant sells them, and for some, they might just add a taste they don’t want to have on their burger. For many, though, the noble french fry is the iconic pairing with a hamburger. In this situation, it’s not too hard to imagine french fries on a burger. Chances are, you may not have fully swallowed your burger bite before tossing a few fries in your mouth. Burger King has also attempted this with their French Fry Burger.

Not to be outdone in fried toppings, McDonalds has added crispy tortilla strips to their menu with the BBQ Ranch Burger, adding a bit of crispy crunch to an otherwise standard burger. Subway has even followed up with this by adding Fritos to their subs, with the Fritos Chicken Enchilada Melt leading the charge. It may not be a hamburger, but it is a handheld sandwich that’s trying something different in taste and texture.

If you really want to go all-out and include fries in your burger, why not just replace the buns with fries? It has been done before.

Wanting a bit of a healthier option, instead of tossing fried foods on a fatty and delicious hamburger patty? Burger King Japan has launched two new burgers with grilled apple slices as a topping, one with cinnamon-blended mayo, another with two slices of apple meeting bacon and hollandaise sauce.

There are more than a handful of ways to improve the crunch and toppings of your hamburgers; the big companies have tried tortilla chips, fried onion rings, the venerable french fry, and even an apple slice or two. Can you think of new ways to challenge the norm? Maybe fried pickles, potato chips, or something out-there like radishes could top off your burgers and wallets.