Dogs, Cats, and Goats Liven Up Japanese Cafes

Some restaurants have decided to be pet-friendly, especially if they offer outdoor dining. In America, many citizens own a pet, with some owning two or three within reason. Taking your dog for a walk to a local cafe and sitting outside is considered a great conversation starter for many, and a good and wholesome way to pass the day relaxedly.  It’s a convenience that comes with living in the United States; we have large houses, yards, and more that can allow us to own an animal and let it run free, and the space to take them to parks.

Japan is somewhat of an opposite situation. While the legend of Hachiko does imply that people in Japan do have pets, many people just don’t have the space in their apartment or the money to take care of the creatures.

Eater reports that Japan has started to feature some more pet-friendly cafes in recent years. While they are notorious for “maid cafes” (in which young girls dress as maids and treat the customer as “master”, all in a largely-family-friendly tongue-in-cheek manner) and even had a “Gundam Cafe” open up in the nerd mecha mecca of Akihabara,

Cat cafes and dog cafes are the tentative first steps into a friendly, furry world. Not everyone can handle having a pet on a full-time basis, but going to a cafe where the four-legged companions can hang out with you while you eat?

Rena Kawaguchi has taken things to another level, opening up her cafe to feature her two goats, Sakura (which means “cherry blossom”) and Chocolate (which means “chocolate”).

Up next? An elephant cafe.

Have you considered your restaurant’s stance on animals recently, or even considered having some promotional “mascots” hang out? It could be a unique way to drive sales and personalize your restaurant.