Japan's Take On: McDonalds, Part Two

We’ve taken a look at what McDonalds sells internationally, particularly in Japan. There doesn’t seem to be any new and notable dishes, outside of a normal-looking pastry or hamburger that wouldn’t stand out too much in America.

Foodbeast has brought us an update on what’s going on at McDonalds in Japan, at least at the counter. Until the end of the month, anyone visiting McDonalds from 11AM-2PM and doesn’t get their meal in 60 seconds will receive a coupon for a free hamburger. Even if they get their meal in 60 seconds, they’ll still receive a coupon for a free small coffee.

All 3,300 restaurants in Japan will feature an hourglass counting down the time. All staff members will probably be unduly pressured, but at the same time, it’ll definitely ensure faster food.

Do you think this plan could work at American McDonalds? It’s not unheard of for certain chains to include timers for meal expediency.