France's Take On: Burger King

We’ve seen how Japan handles Burger King; things such as a Whopper Buffet or a Pumpkin Whopper come to tease us. France, on the other hand, has kept things very boring.

How boring?

They haven’t sold a Whopper in 15 years.

They, in fact, have not sold one single dish at a Burger King in France in 15 years. All 39 stores closed up in 1997, and it took until 2012 for a new one to open up in an airport in Marsielles.

With the opening of a new restaurant in France, things seem to be largely the same. There’s no menu online to peruse, but it’d be surprising if the French Burger King varies much from the German: the only thing of note on their menu is a “Merry Cheesemas” option for a Santa or a Claus cheese-decked sandwich.

I wonder what they think of French Fries.