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What to know when buying a blender

Blenders are essential to make frozen drinks at the bar but they are also necessary if you are making your own sauces or soups. There are plenty of blender types so make sure you gather as much information as possible to buy the right blender for your kitchen.

Bar Blenders

  • Capacity: If you serve a lot of frozen drinks then you will need a bigger blender jar that way you can fill multiple orders at once.  Start by determining what size drinks are on your menu.  The larger drinks you serve the larger jar/container capacity you will need.
  • Material: Commercial blenders come in plastic, glass, and stainless steel. From an esthetic perspective, glass and plastic may be good for you if your guests like to watch their drink being made. However, if you have stainless steel appliances and want your blender to fit in, then go with a stainless steel blender. Stainless steel blenders also offer the most durable material.
  • Power: Blender power is measured in horsepower, so the higher the horsepower the more powerful the blender.  You will need more horsepower if you are mixing frozen fruit or other solids. Also take into consideration the thickness. The thicker the drink, the more horsepower you are going to need.
  • Control features: Most blenders will only have an on/off switch but your drinks may require a high/low, pulse, or timed feature. Make sure to consider these convenient features to increase efficiency and serve drinks faster.

Food Blenders

  • Size: Determine how many blended products (sauces, salsa, purees) you serve every day. Your blended cup can range from 32oz to 1 gallon. You want to take the amount of servings you push out every day and figure it in terms of ounces. If you put out 25-50 servings of soup then you should consider a 40+ oz blender. If you have over 100 servings then you should consider a gallon-sized blender.
  • Power: Like many machines, a food blenders’ power is measured in horsepower. If you are that business pushing out 25-50 servings of soup every day then a ¾ horsepower blender will be sufficient. If you are the business pushing out over 100+ servings a day then you will need a 3+ horsepower blender.
  • Control features:  An on/off switch is sufficient if you are doing light blending. A pulse switch is a good feature to consider if you are prepping for beverages. If you are a medium-heavy food prep kitchen then you should look into a time feature and 2 or 3 speed controls.


3 Steps to a Smarter Social Media Presence

Your customers are looking for restaurants, reading reviews, and looking for contact information on social media. Social media has more of an influence that a lot of restauranteurs think! So if you want to grow your business, here are 3 steps to a smarter social media presence.

1.       Set your goals.

Your goals could include:

-          Building brand awareness

-          Gaining new customers

-          Receiving customer feedback

-          Growing customer loyalty

Goals are important because they determine what you share on social, and how you do it. If you choose brand awareness as your goal then you will need to spend more time creating relevant content than answering comments from customers.

2.       Create a schedule

Social media doesn’t have to be a huge time suck for you each week. Make it easier on yourself by using a scheduling platform. You can use free social media software such as Hootsuite to help you schedule days’ worth of posts, for multiple platforms, in one sitting. You don’t have to be bound to that schedule either. You can grant access to a manager to post pictures of your lunch rush or happy hour. It’s all about keeping your followers engaged.

3.       Always be engaged with your followers

Make sure you are actively watching and listening to your sites. Customers could be asking questions, posting comments and reviews. These are all chances to respond timely and show that your excellent customer service goes beyond your food service. Don’t forget to think of your restaurant as a brand. Building your brand, digitally, will support the growth you want to achieve.

I Scream For Ice Cream…Supplies

Frozen yogurt, milkshakes, floats, fat free ice cream, and banana splits are all options your ice cream shop could be offering.  Customers love to have options so make sure you are prepared to offer them a variety of sweet treats. You work on the menu and we will work on a supplies checklist for you!

Key tip: Offer other foods to help carry you through the winter months.

Take a look at the shopping list below to make sure you have the essential tools to serve up customers that are screaming for ice cream.

  • Storage: You’ll need ways to store both dry and cold food items. At the very least, you’ll need airtight food boxes to keep cones and waffle bowls fresh. You’ll need shelves to keep those containers off the floor to keep the area organized and sanitary.
  • RefrigerationDipping cabinets are a must all types of shops, while walk-in coolers and freezers will be necessary for larger venues.
  • Cooking Equipment. Waffle cones are an easy up-sell because customers love them! For creating your own cones, check into a waffle cone baker. Don’t forget about the milkshakes. You will need a mixer to ensure you produce the best shake around town.
  • Serveware: You’ll need a way to store, organize, and present serving ware like cups and bowls, utensils, and napkins and there are a number of dispensers that are well-suited for the task. You might also consider a display case, especially if you’re offering baked goods.
  • Bussing and CleaningBussing suppliesdishwashers, and waste receptacles are important components keeping your truck or shop sanitary and welcoming. We’ve got these products available to order right now.

Key tip: If possible, make your ice cream onsite. Advertising freshly made ice-cream is a huge draw because of the taste and quality.

No matter how simple or elaborate your ice cream shop is, you need to make sure you have the right supplies and equipment.