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3 Ways to Marketing a Restaurant Online

Online marketing for your restaurant should not be swept under a rug. It’s time to draft a plan and put it into action. Here are 3 easy tips to get you started:

1)      Have a functional website. Most people are using online resources, through their mobile devices, to search for someplace to eat. If your website is not functioning, then you could be missing out on new customers. Make your website great by putting your current menu, upcoming events, daily specials, and promoting your social media profiles.

2)      Use an online reservation tool. Someone found your website and wants to give it a try or a repeat customer knows how busy you get on Saturdays, but they must have their favorite sandwich this weekend. The hard work of getting them to notice your restaurant is done; Now make it easy for them to get a table with an online reservation tool, with sites likes OpenTable. Remember, you want to make your customers’ experience great before they even step in the door!

3)      Monitor web reviews. Feedback is very important – good or bad. Monitoring what people are saying about your restaurant will give you insight into what your customers love and what could be improved. Always make sure to respond to the negative comments in a professional manner. Let the customer know that you will address their concerns and invite them back with a coupon. Don’t forget to respond to the positive comments as well. Thank them for their visit, review, and express your excitement for their next return.


Your digital footprint is important, so don’t neglect it. Simply keep up with these 3 items and you are well on your way to a great customer experience, digitally and in-person!

How to Start Catering

Are you looking for your next step to growing your restaurant?  Opening a catering division may be just the right move. You could cater weddings, corporate outings, birthdays, and so much more! The key to growing your business is being patient and taking it a step at a time. Consider doing catering part-time to test out the waters. This will ensure that you can fix mistakes early before booking a lot of events. In the beginning you want to build your expertise, supplies, and equipment. Work with an established supplier to make sure you have everything you need. Here’s a great place to start:

After you go through your supplies and equipment checklist, it’s time to talk menu. Be sure you have a variety of options on your menu. Brunches are a popular event for people to hire caterers, but you might not currently have that type of food on your menu. Ask yourself, are you alright turning down certain events or do you need to create a separate menu for catering?



Once you are ready to go full throttle, let the networking begin!  Establish a relationship with wedding planners, bridal shops, country clubs, and any other local vendors that could pass along a referral. You’ll be bringing in the restaurant catering revenue before you know it!

Simple Solution for Killing Fruit Flies

One thing is certain in the foodservice industry: everyone struggles with fruit flies. Whether they congregate near the bar, in restrooms or kitchen sinks, these pests can be found in nearly every restaurant or bar across the country. If you live in the South, you may have already seen signs of their return. As the weather heats up, the problem will get worse. Being proactive now can save your employees and guests the annoyance of swatting the pests away and protect yourself against health department violations.

Fruit Fly BarPro strips offer a simple and cost effective way to protect your foodservice operation from fruit flies and other pests. These odorless strips can be hung behind the bar, in restrooms, the kitchen or any other place where fruit flies are a problem. Each strip emits a vapor that is undetectable by humans. This colorless, odorless vapor kills fruit flies, cockroaches, moths, house flies and spiders. Each strip protects 200 cubic feet of space for 4 months. Fruit Fly BarPro strips are packed in cases of 10, giving you 2,000 cubic feet of protection per case.

Now through April 30, Instawares customers can get a second case of Fruit Fly BarPro strips at 25% off when they purchase one at regular price – a savings of more than $24.

"A Fly Killer!" Kills flies, cockroaches, and spiders. Guaranteed elimination. All-new time-released vapor technology. Clean and odorless.

Fruit Fly Bar Pro kills flies, cockroaches, and spiders guaranteed and protects for up to 4 months.