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Healthy Trends

farm fresh vegetables

With the New Year quickly approaching, it is no surprise that consumers want healthy options. Many consumers are becoming very aware of chemicals, GMOs, and sodium in their food. Now is the time to revamp your menu to offer healthy options and attract clean eaters. When you have the chance to revamp your menu, think about the following:


  • Calories: Many customers are concerned about how many calories they consume. One way to accommodate to these customers is to create a special low calorie menu. This menu doesn’t have to be huge: a few options will show that you care.


  • Labels: Customers would like to know what is in the food they are consuming. Take some time to list ingredients on your popular items and your healthy menu items. Nutrition labels are also a great way to avoid allergy scares.iStock_000004784315XSmall


  • Pasta: Pasta sales are dropping due to clean eaters and carb avoiders, so consider replacing some of your pasta dishes with healthier options. Quinoa is a great meal base that can be paired with a variety of meats and vegetables. If you would like to keep pasta on your menu, think about offering a whole wheat pasta option.


  • Vegetables: Customers expect to see many different vegetable options. If you have a small kitchen and cannot offer a large variety at once, consider switching vegetable sides daily or weekly. Salads are also a great way to give your menu variety and offer something for clean eaters.Fruit smoothies


  • Drinks: From breakfast to dinner, it is important to offer healthy drinking options. Start by offering customers smoothies in the morning, and end by offering a low calorie drink menu at night. Remember, clean eaters get tired of drinking water, so give them drinking options that won’t ruin their meal (or their diet)!





Alternative Uses for Shot Glasses


In the restaurant industry, thinking outside the box is fundamental. Being unique while also keeping up with the latest trends can help to transition your new customers into loyal customers. One of the latest trends revolves around alternative uses for shot glasses. The trick here is to stay unique and find ways to use them that will make your restaurant one to remember. We have a few ideas that you can tweak in order to fit the style and atmosphere of your restaurant.


Candles can be used almost anywhere – from fine dining establishments all the way to small coffee shops. Shot glasses are great for candles because you can create your own scents, colors, and sizes. You can also use votive candles and set them inside the bottom of the glass.


Many restaurants are using shot glasses for dessert recipes. Some of the best looking desserts in shot glasses are the ones with many layers. When using a shot glass for a desert, remember to mix up colors and textures. This will keep your desert unique and attractive. Shot glass deserts may be common, but we have a way for you to create a big statement! Use shot glasses for things like appetizers, vegetables, or anything with a dipping sauce. Shrimp cocktail is one of the many appetizers that look great in a shot glass. Using shot glasses for appetizers will give your restaurant the ability to offer individual servings.

Small vases

How many times have you gone to a restaurant and had to move everything out of the center of the table in order to see the person you are dining with? By using a shot glass as a vase, you allow your customers the ability to see over the table. This will still give you the opportunity to make your tables look nice without over cluttering them. Don’t forget about using a shot glass as a candle, these two ideas will look great together!

Plate Food Like a Pro


plate food like a pro

We all know that food tastes the same whether it’s on a glass or paper plate, but presentation is the key to pleasing our customers’ senses. When all senses are cared for, it is more likely that the customer will be pleased with their meal. It has been said that we eat with our eyes, so a well planned presentation is vital. Here are a few simple things to remember when you want to plate your food like a professional.

Keep it CLEAN

Clutter is never appealing to the eye – which means you should keep your plates clutter free. If a crumb is dropped on the plate, clean it off before serving. Keep your lines clean when placing food on the plate so your guests’ eyes can see the main focal point.

Let it POP

When food is placed on a brightly colored plate, most people’s eyes seem to go straight to the plate rather than the food. In order to draw attention to the food, choose a clean canvas. Bright white plates are typically the best choice because they allow the food to stand out and look more vibrant. Not only is choosing the color important, but the shape and size of the plate can make a difference as well. Square plates are great for round food, and round plates are great for square food. Small plates help to create an illusion that there is more food on the plate than there really is.

Serve it UP

Adding height to the plate is a major trend right now. Layering and stacking food helps to draw your guests’ eyes toward the focal point of the dish and makes the plate look more sophisticated. Give your dish some depth and try this tip next time you are in the kitchen.

Make it ODD

Odd numbers are more appealing to the eye than even numbers. When you are serving things like sliders, scallops, and sushi, stick to odd numbers. Odd numbers also look clean on a plate, which means you are one step closer to a clutter free plate.

Give it COLOR

Texture and color add personality to a dish. Use colors that contrast each other, and use the color wheel when you want to add colors that complement each other. If you find it challenging to add color to certain dishes, try serving them on different colored place mats or with a different colored napkin than usual.