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Need New Equipment?


If your kitchen equipment needs an upgrade, now is the time to purchase. Now through February 29th, 2016 select ice machines are up to $495 off with free shipping. There are several sizes and styles to choose from, making it easy to find the perfect model to meet your unique needs.

This promotion runs through the end of the month, but it is not available online. In order to receive the best price and free shipping, you must call (800) 892-3622. If purchasing an ice machine sounds overwhelming, call us. Our product experts are here to help make the process simple and painless.

These equipment prices will not last long so make the decision to upgrade your ice machine today!


Exploring the World of Commercial Microwaves

Shopping for a commercial microwave can be an intimidating task, but we have created a simple guide to help you choose the best machine for your needs. Here are a few questions you need to ask yourself before buying.



How Much Space Do You Have?
Although most microwaves are compact, you should consider how much space you have available. You will want to place your microwave in a convenient, well planned location. Some microwaves are stackable while others can be mounted. No matter where you choose to place your microwave, always make sure you have enough space for ventilation.
In addition to the microwave’s dimensions, you’ll also need to consider its capacity. If you will be cooking large dishes, check to see if they fall within the capacity limits.

How Much Power Do You Need?
Your microwaves wattage requirements depend on how often you will be using your microwave. If you are using it frequently, you’ll need more wattage to cook food quickly. In addition to wattage, you also need to keep in mind the microwave’s voltage requirements and make sure you have the right electrical wiring.

What Features Do You Need?
Microwaves are designed with a variety of features and options. To decide what you need, think about how you will use your microwave and how often you will be using it.

Light Duty
900 – 1100 watts
< 50 items per day

Good for breakfast bars and break rooms
Medium Duty
1100 – 1500 watts
Up to 150 items per day
Ideal for coffee shops and small restaurants
Heavy Duty
1500-2000+ watts
>200 items per day
Perfect for large restaurants and quick-serve restaurants

Dial Microwaves
Cost effective
Unable to preprogram times
Push Button Microwaves
More expensive
Able to preprogram time

Some microwaves come with the option to have a turntable. There are some pros and cons to having one.
Pros: evenly heated food
Cons: hard to clean & meet sanitation requirements, easy to break.

Stainless Steel
Typically found on heavy duty microwaves
Durable & easy to clean
Painted metal finish
Typically found on light to medium duty microwaves

 Please call our product specialists at (800) 892-3622 if you have any other questions.

Take the Countertop Challenge

Take the Countertop Challenge

If you are upgrading your kitchen for the New Year, countertop equipment is a great place to start.  We have great deals on countertop items that help to improve productivity and save time. Now through January 31, you can call (800) 892-3622 to get the best price and free shipping on select countertop items.

Planning a Super Bowl party? Get ready now by adding a new countertop fryer for your bar for only $349. Need to speed up service times? Grab a programmable commercial microwave for only $249. Don’t wait to buy new countertop equipment until your restaurant is struggling to keep up with the New Year crowd – buy now to keep up with your customers and continue to make them happy.

You can find more details about this promotion on our countertop equipment landing page – but remember this deal is not available online. You must call (800) 892-3622 before January 31 to receive the best price and free shipping.