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5 Tips for Restaurant Owners


Behind every successful restaurant is a successful restaurant owner. Of course things like location, and atmosphere matter, but the restaurant owner is the backbone of the business. Even in a successful restaurant, there are ways help increase margins and customer satisfaction. Use these 5 key tips for restaurant owners to help make your restaurant more successful in the New Year:

1. Bundle menu items.

Rather than offering a la carte items on your menu, try bundling items together. Offer 2 sides with a steak plus a soup/salad/desert combo. Bundling allows your customers to know how much their meal cost up front without having to worry about add on prices. Doing this will help to avoid “sticker shock“ when customers receive the final bill.

 2. Buy in bulk.

Buying items in large quantities will save your restaurant time and money. Instawares has a large variety of items for your restaurant that are offered with a bulk discount. If you have questions about anything, call our Product Specialists at (800) 892-3622

 3. Hire high quality employees.

A great staff is an important key in owning a successful restaurant. Customers do not like poor service, which means that the interviewing process should be taken very seriously. The restaurant business is hard work, and staff members must be willing to give 110%. Have guidelines for your staff while also maintaining a friendly relationship.

 4. Keep a clean menu.

Your menu should have a variety of items, but at the same time it should not be overwhelming. Keep the selections simple and consider adding seasonal menus if you want to switch things up.

 5. Promote your restaurant.

Promotions help to attract business and keep customers coming back. Use promotions to help customers save money and become a regular at your restaurant. Read our blog to help create some great promotion ideas.

2016 Price Increases


If your kitchen needs a New Year’s face lift, Instawares  is the place to go for all of your supplies and equipment. You can choose from over 15,000 equipment items that will help to make your life easier. However, if you want to save money, you must act fast – manufacturers are raising prices in 2016 and you only have one week remaining to lock in the lowest prices on equipment and beat the 2016 price increases.

Must have equipment items:

  • Refrigeration products are necessary in order to maintain safe food temperatures.
  • Ice machines help to provide your customers with fresh, cold drinks.
  • Choose the best type of oven to fit your restaurant’s needs.
  • From small to large, we have the fryer for you!

Don’t get stuck paying more than you have to – call us at (800) 892-3622 to lock in the lowest prices for the New Year. The deadline to beat the 2016 price increases is December 31, 2015.

Find it challenging to choose the best piece of equipment for your needs? Check out our buying guides to help make your decision easier.

Restaurant Promos


Searching for ways to increase your sales and build a new customer base within your restaurant? Creative promotions and advertising are the main keys to success. We all know that great deals and promotions are a way to attract loyal customers, but creating these promotions can be time consuming. Relax – we are here to help! Use these promo ideas to help increase sales around this year’s holiday season and all throughout the upcoming New Year.

  • Creative Advertising

If you have a restaurant where people regularly walk by, buy a chalkboard! Purchasing a chalkboard will help you to advertise specials and attract new customers. Chalkboards are great because they can be changed as often as needed! Use chalk markers instead of chalk to write on them – they look better than regular chalk and do not smear once they are dry. You can use the chalkboard to introduce new menu items, announce drink specials, advertise events (i.e. live music), and much more!

  • Happy Hour

Whether or not your restaurant serves alcohol, you can have a happy hour.  Creating a small menu with food and or drink specials can help to attract customers at the non-peak times during the day. Late night specials are also popular on the weekends to help attract the after dinner crowd.  Happy hour menus can change regularly, or they can remain the same in order to keep happy customers coming back.

  • Daily Specials

Daily specials are a great way to create a sense of urgency. One food or drink item can be advertised daily at a lower rate. Specials like buy one get one 50% off also help to bring in new customers. Using daily specials with chalkboards will help to draw in customers that want to try something new. When coming up with new specials, remember to switch them up!

  • Social Media

In order to help advertise with all of these promotions, we recommend getting on social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Google+). Keep these pages up to date and advertise specials. You can offer customers an exclusive deal if they like or share your page. Don’t forget about Instagram: snapping pictures of the food you serve and encouraging others to do so can spread the word about your restaurant quickly.

Review sites are important too. Many people check apps like Yelp and Foursquare before going to dinner. Make sure to read customers reviews, and make changes as required. If someone writes a bad review, send them a message and offer a special deal if they come back. Stay up to date on Google reviews. Respond to customers and keep an active appearance on all social media platforms.

These simple tricks can have a big impact upon your business. Be creative and remember, the key to success is testing several offers to find which one works the best.