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Dinnerware from Fallen Leaves?

As much as we talk about sustainability and decreasing the amount of waste we create – especially in the U.S. – we still throw away an estimated 1 trillion disposable plates and utensils every year IN THE U.S. Old habits die hard. Conveniences do, too.

But, a little company from New York has a solution. They’ve created a new line of disposables made from fallen leaves. Well, fallen leaves and steam, actually. VerTerra plates and bowls

Meet VerTerra™ Dinnerware, environmentally-friendly plates, bowls, and serving dishes made in South Asia from 100% renewable and compostable fallen palm leaves, steam, heat and pressure. The manufacturing process for the beautiful and unique pieces requires no chemicals, no waxes, no dyes, no harmful toxins (like lacquers, glues, etc.), and no additives. They are safe to eat from and safe to return to the earth. In fact, they bio-degrade in just 2 months.

The VerTerra™ line of dinnerware includes bowls and plates in a variety of sizes. They’re sturdy enough for soups but light-weight like any other disposable. The pieces currently offered from range from 35 cents for a 6”x6” square soup bowl to 58 cents for a 3.5” round dipping bowl.