Free Surfing and Turfing At Panda Express Today

It’s a simple technique, and one required of the food industry: to get people to try your new food, you need to hand out free samples. Panda Express is taking that motto to heart with their new Samurai Surf & Turf dish today, offering a free portion of the dish today.

Their Samurai Surf & Turf product features marinated shrimp, red bell peppers, string beans, zesty “Samurai” sauce, diced potatoes, and finished with Angus top sirloin steak. As a premium entree, it’ll normally cost $1 more than the regulars.

To get the meal for free, you need to show them this coupon.

To make it, likely healthier (but not as cheap as free), Surf and Turf is a very variable meal that can meet whatever needs and desires you want out of a meal. The “Turf”, naturally, refers to land-based animals, traditionally cow, and the “Surf” refers to the any number of sea creatures that you find delectable, such as shrimp (as in the Panda Express variety), lobster, scallops, and more. The included veggies, sides, and more are all up for interpretation; you could theoretically have everything from a Surf and Turf sushi roll, hamburger, pasta, rice bowl, and more.

If you want to make the dish with lobster, you need to start busting out your lobster crackers.