Interesting Household Uses For Toothpaste

toothpasteToothpaste is a product with a very specific purpose: It’s a cleaning paste for your teeth. But did you know that some of the same ingredients that help keep your teeth clean and healthy can also remove stains, soothe pains, and clean many household items? Check out these surprising tips and tricks that will help you get some extra mileage out of that tube of non-gel toothpaste:

Shiny Diamonds – Use a small amount of toothpaste on a soft-bristled brush and gently rub it onto your diamond jewelry. Wipe off the remaining residue with a damp cloth and appreciate the renewed shine!

Goggle Defogger – This secret is well known within scuba diving circles, and it works amazingly well. Coat the inside and outside of the goggles with toothpaste and then wipe them clean with a wet cloth. Be sure to wipe the goggles thoroughly to remove any excess toothpaste to prevent streaking.

Treat Bee Stings – After removing the stinger from your skin, apply toothpaste directly to the area and let it dry. The toothpaste will create a cooling sensation that helps to relieve the itching.

Crayon Eraser – Kids like to draw on walls, so all parents should know this trick. Apply some toothpaste directly to the markings and start scrubbing with a scrub brush. After the crayon has been rubbed away, rinse the toothpaste residue off with water.

Fix a Scratched CD – This trick is sometimes classified as an urban legend, but it REALLY works! Start by placing a dab of toothpaste near the center of the disc. Using light pressure, smear the toothpaste into the crack in straight lines from the center to the edge of the disc. Wipe off the remaining residue with a damp cloth and wipe the disc dry, always remembering to move from the center of the disc to the outer edge. Check out this article from Make Use Of for an explanation of why this trick actually works.

Chrome Polish – The tiny abrasives found in toothpaste can be used to polish chrome. Rub toothpaste into the chrome using a very soft, dry cloth to help bring back the original shine.

Remove Odors From Hands – Strong and stubborn odors, such as garlic, can remain on your hands for days. Wash your hands and fingernails with toothpaste to deodorize those stinky digits!

Remove Water Rings – Condensation from bottles, cans, and glasses can leave unsightly water stains on your wooden furniture. Gently rub some toothpaste into the stain with a dry cloth. Wipe up the residue with a damp cloth and let it dry completely. Apply furniture polish to the area to help restore the original finish.

Remove Scuffs From Leather – Rub toothpaste directly into the scuffs with a soft cloth and rinse the remaining residue away to help restore the leather’s original look.

Next week, we’ll cover a variety of other interesting household tips and tricks. Leave a comment below if you want to share your own secrets or discuss one of the tips from this article!