Pizza Chains Using More Cheese, Kobayashi To Stir Sales



The Pizza Wars are being continuously fought on the front lines of quick dinners and party-planning for Americans across the country. Little Caesers and Pizza Hut, poorly around April Fool’s Day, have announced two new additions to the world of pizza for America.

Little Caesers is going deep-dish with their DEEP!DEEP! Pizza, topped with mozzarella and muenster, and actually comes as two smaller square pizzas to maximize the amount of corners pieces people can have, Serious Eats reports. The pepperoni variation is available as a Hot-N-Ready dish from 4-8PM, and runs $8 total.

Pizza Hut, on the other side of the crust, is offering Crazy Cheesy Crust pizzas, hot on the trail of their recently-introduced Sliders and OverStuffed Pizza. The Crazy Cheesy Crust pizza includes cheese pockets of provolone, asiago, mozzarella, fontina and mild white cheddar on the outer ring, with regular pizza on the inside, Huffington Post reports. This pizza runs for six weeks (having started April 3rd) and costs $12.99 for one topping. The pizza will, likely, not be a permanent addition to the menu.

Could Kobayashi eat the pizzas in record time? These pizzas might not have the variety of cheeses that France’s Domino’s does, nor reach the cost of the Japanese Domino’s does when it comes to a Kobe steak pizza, but benefit from actually being available in the states for a vaguely reasonable price.

Malaysia may have Pizza Hut’s American iteration beat when it comes to “things in crust or replacing crust”, though.

Or, you can just make your own.