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The New Iron Chef Premieres Today, With A New Chairman

20121015_ironchef_tamaki-hiroshi_001-300x200Chairman Takeshi Kaga launched every episode of the original Iron Chef with “Allez cuisine!”. It’s a nonsense term, but it’s remembered for being legendary in the culinary television world.

In America, William Shatner briefly was the Chairman over Gourmet Academy USA (in the failed Iron Chef USA). Currently, Mark Dacascos portrays the chairman over Iron Chef America, in the series’ fiction as the nephew of the original Chairman Kaga.

Premiering today in Japan, a new series of Iron Chef will launch a new Chairman. Iron Chef has been off the air since 2002 (with 300+ episodes under it’s belt). Portrayed by Hiroshi Tamaki, the new Chairman will likely be a different character than Kaga’s iteration. The first battle? Iron Chef Michiba versus his own student, Kenichi Miyanaga. Secondly, Iron Chef Kenichi will fight his own son, Kentaro Chen.

Will you try to track down this new series?

Burger King Rolls Out A Pumpkin Burger Tomorrow

In Japan, at least.

Starbucks is thriving on their Pumpkin Spice Latte. Bakeries are cranking out pumpkin pie by the pallet-full, Pop-Tarts are shoving pumpkin pie filling in their pastries, and so forth.

Pumpkins are in season, and they’re the highlight of the food world. Burger King of Japan decided to hop into the world with the “BK Pumpkin.”

Kabocha“, which is effectively Japanese pumpkin (but is technically a squash) you’ve probably had it in tempura at a Japanese restaurant, is the newest topping on a Burger King hamburger in Japan. The rest of the burger is largely simple, with bacon, lettuce, a hamburger patty, all on a bun that’s specifically formed to look like a pumpkin. What joins the kabocha is a special “savory nut sauce”; sesame seeds, peanuts, almonds, cashews, and hazelnuts are blended together in one mix.

With two slices of kabocha, most are set. If you really wish to up the ante, you can get a “pumpkin bomb” for ten slices for 100 yen. While they’re selling the burger, 60 yen gets you two slices on any sandwich.

Five-Pattied Cheeseburgers And Shrimp Burgers Available In Japan Today

20121015-lotteria-super-cheeseburger-ad-215x300Lotteria, effectively a Japanese-based McDonalds-esque fast-food chain, has decided to celebrate it’s 40th anniversary, Serious Eats reports. Today is the final Super Cheeseday, in which they offer (for the low price of 500 yen, roughly $6) a cheeseburger. Consumer have the option to have up to five patties on the sandwich for the same price as one. The same deal was available last Tuesday.

The past and next Friday, Super Frydays, offered the same deal with a fried shrimp-patty burger. Up to five burger patties and what appears to be a rough coleslaw equivalent.

This would be amazing in America, and it’s a surprise that no Lotterias have open up in the country. Could you finish it?