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December Food Holidays

December 1

It would be too easy to combine these two days; if you eat a Red Apple Pie, you’d enjoy both National Pie Day and Eat A Red Apple Day. If you really must split both, just know that eating an apple does not cancel out the caloric intake of a pie.

December 2

… and then take your pie leftovers andfry them for National Fritters Day. Apple fritters are delicious, and with a little culinary work, could conceivably be crafted from apple pie leftovers. Try anything in the kitchen.

December 3

… and bring out another pie for National Apple Pie Day. Seriously, these three days in a row are set up for pie crusts and pies. If you were smart, you can just have some more of December 1st’s red apple pie.

December 4

At least you’ll be able to enjoy a cookie for National Cookie Day. That’s a good start to a break from pie and pie ingredients.

December 5

As you celebrate the Repeal of Prohibition Day, enjoy some dark chocolate cake from Vienna for National Sacher Torte Day. These two days are designed for a little bit of evening treats.

December 6

Pour some cold soup for National Gazpacho Day. If you can’t tolerate it cold, nuke it for Microwave Oven Day.

December 7

Find a fair, because it’s National Cotton Candy Day… or just find something cotton-candy flavored, like gum.

December 8

Find a grandmother that makes treats this time of year, because it’s National Chocolate Brownie Day. There’s not really many other types of brownies out there, are there?

December 9

If yesterday was too rich for you, enjoy something with a little less sugar for National Pastry Day. A light and flaky pastry provides a nice alternative to a dense and chewy brownie.

December 10

Pour yourself a beer for National Lager Day, or as I like to call it, “a day that ends in ‘day’”.

December 11

December 11th is National Noodle Ring Day. I’ll give you a chance to google what a “noodle ring” is, because I surely needed a few minutes to deduce it.

December 12

Find a purpose for it. It shouldn’t be hard, but National Cocoa Day has a host of recipes to chose from. I particularly like chocolate crinkles, but there’s dozens of types out there.

December 13

National Ice Cream and Violins Day? Sure. We’ve seen weirder combinations.

December 14

National Bouillabaisse Day is here for everyone to act like they know what “bouillabaisse” is without using the Internet.

December 16

It’s the food trend of recent years, but you can support your local cupcake eatery for National Cupcake DayNational Chocolate-Covered Anything Day should get your juices (or syrup?) flowing, just thinking of the possibilities. I’ve coated fried chicken tenders in chocolate syrup, which worked out surprisingly well. Heck, just cover a cupcake in chocolate.

December 17

Trade your chocolate syrup for maple syrup for National Maple Syrup Day. I’ve coated fried chicken tenders in maple syrup, which worked out surprisingly well. Actually, it shouldn’t be too surprising, given the unique culinary combination that is chicken and waffles.

December 18

National Roast Suckling Pig Day is one to celebrate suckling pig, a pig that has only been fed on it’s mother’s milk, usually killed within two to six weeks. It’s like pork veal.

December 19

National Hard Candy Day encourages you to watch the movie “Hard Candy”. Actually, no, it’s to celebrate hard candy. Still, the movie is pretty good, although a bit gut-wrenching at times.

December 20

National Fried Shrimp Day and National Sangria Day can combine into a delicious dinner. They’re not traditionally paired, but alcohol and seafood should be a fine combination in any situation.

December 21

National Hamburger Day is good enough, but how about some fruit to go alongside the dish instead of french fries? Kiwi Fruit Day is here for a difference.

December 22

National Date Nut Bread Day. Yep, there’s a day dedicated to date nut bread. It’s a sweeter treat, not meant for sandwich bread or anything, but for cream cheese.

December 23

National Pfeffernuesse Day is another date that you’ll rush to Wikipedia to figure out what exactly it’s celebrating. The name translates to “pepper nuts” in German, Danish, and Dutch, and are small, firm, round biscuits, sometimes with ground nuts.

December 24

National Egg Nog Day? Sure, pour yourself a glass on Christmas Eve.

December 25

National Pumpkin Pie Day? Hopefully you don’t find one under a tree from Thanksgiving.

December 26

If you’re taking down the tree today, enjoy National Candy Cane Day with some Christmas tree confections.

December 27

National Fruit Cake Day? Save it in the cabinet, only to ship it out to someone next year. Scientists believe that only one actual fruit cake exists, having been shipped across the world from person to person each year.

December 28

National Chocolate Candy Day is largely self-explanatory. Grab a chocolate candy bar and knock this one off your list.

December 29

National Pepper Pot Day is in honor of Iron Man’s secretary and sometimes girlfriend, Virginia “Pepper” Potts. In the comic books, she acquired a suit of armor called Rescue, and fought alongside Tony Stark for a while. Or maybe it’s named after a dish you’ve never had. I like to consider Gwenyth Paltrow is getting a shout-out on the calendar here.

December 30

National Bicarbonate Of Soda Day? It’s baking soda. Do something with baking soda, or at least replace the box you have in your fridge today.

December 31

National Champagne Day rounds out the year appropriately. Pour yourself a glass of champagne, and see us next year!

Two New Items For The Office Snacker

We know, we know, office jobs can be a little bad on the body. Sitting all day, relying on vending machines for some snacks, and the never-ending birthday parties with cake and such can take their toll on the body. Some offices include gym memberships, fitness centers, or healthy options in the breakroom.

Sometimes, though, you just need to snack at the desk. Foodiggity has found two simple changes to your desktop furniture that can completely change the way you sneak a snack.

The first is The Keyboard Plate, a standard keyboard (or in a way, the ergonomic keyboard that was all the rage in the end of the last century) that features a plate in the middle of the keys. Pizza, popcorn, and whatever you want to on the plate, and have some extra calories with your QWERTY. The item doesn’t actually seem to be available for sale, instead more of a piece of art.

Secondly is Bite Me , which is an edible desk lamp. Looking like Fruit By The Foot strengthened and straightened into a lamp. Vegetable glycerin, agar, and an embeddable LED light source. Take the LED electronics out and soften the rest of the material in water, and it’s edible. Might not be tasty, especially if you’ve left it out on the tabletop for months, acquiring dust and such, but it would technically be edible.

The days of office fridges might be over, if these desktop replacements get major acceptance. As pieces of art, though, it seems a little unlikely they’ll reach mass market consumption.

KFC To Offer 11 Herbs And Spices Cookie

The mysterious “eleven herbs and spices” of the Colonel’s legend have been hunted down, desired, and generally appreciated to be part of the magic of (formerly known as) Kentucky Fried Chicken. KFC has struggled to go beyond it’s traditional image of “fried chicken in a bucket” that permeates culture; grilled chicken has been their most notable addition in recent years, while the KFC Double Down sandwich has possibly been their most infamous.

Yet, KFC might make waves by… making cookies?

Serious Eats reports that the chicken champion is working out a chocolate-chip cookie featuring the 11 herbs and spices. While we’re pretty sure that “sugar” is not one of the eleven herbs and spice (by virtue of not being an herb or a spice), the combination of sweet and salty is unexpected, although not unheard of; salted caramel, chocolate-covered pretzels, and Pocky all show how these opposites can combine for deliciousness.

The coverage for the cookie comments that it actually appears more homemade than the current cookie being sold by the Colonel.

If these hit your local KFC (which they may or may not, given that the item is only being tested at the moment), would you give them a try?