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February Viral Videos

Every month, we grab the best video clips from the web that focus on food. Kill a few minutes at work and watch some food clips without having to turn on your TV.

It’s slightly horrifying, but this tea commercial proves how tea can drown fears.

“The Last Barfighter” looks to bring fighting back to the bar, in a safe way.

Did you know that White Castle becomes The Love Castle on Valentine’s Day?

The language might get a little R-Rated, but pizza has a long legacy on film.

The invention of the Long Island Iced Tea will make you want one.

The most expensive Starbucks drink? Better pay up in a dozen donuts if you order it.

Drinking bubble tea? That’s living Bobalife.

“Pizza Ramen” sounds better than it comes out, but still offers a nice idea.

“Udon Miso and Cheese” sounds a bit better.

Grey Poupon returns with a more action-packed angle.

But still likes the finer things, like gravy yachts.

Lays Offers Chicken, Waffles, Sriracha, And Cheesy Garlic Bread Chips?

We’ll admit, the following trio aren’t the craziest of potato chip flavors we’ve run across; that honor has to go to the Pepsi and Chicken-flavored chips in Japan. On shelves now, Lays is letting consumers vote on which new flavor of potato chip to make permanent.

  • Chicken and Waffles
  • Sriracha (this isn’t our first or even second article about Sriracha being added to everything)
  • Cheesy Garlic Bread

In May, only one bag will remain, according to Huffington Post. Actually, that’s incorrect. If they all sell well, then they might all stay. There’d be no reason for them to kill off a popular new item, after all. The person who submitted the winning flavor will win $1 million or 1% of the chip’s profits in 2013, whichever is greater (the other two creators will win $50,000).

Consumers can text VOTE to 24477, or use the hashtag #SaveSriracha, #SaveChickenWaffles, or #SaveGarlicBread to support their favorite variety.

I’ll check them all out, but even my favorite Sriracha seasoning might fall to the wayside next to cheesy garlic bread. I’m not a large potato chip eater, but I’ll give everything a shot. Which of the three are you ready and willing to try?

Lawsons and Yahoo! Deliver Food

Could the Kwik-E-Mart work a deal out with Mapple for the Springfield community on this? (Yes, those are both fictional Simpsons analogs to the following article)

The major chain Japanese convenience store (which actually got its start in Ohio, USA) Lawson has teamed up with Yahoo! Japan to make dinners easier for families. Instead of running to the convenience store for pre-packaged sandwiches (which you can still do) or a box of Hamburger Helper (which I can’t find proof of existing in Japan), the two companies have combined their forces to deliver fresh food to your house.

What’s so special about that? Pizzas, asian food, and more have been deliver staples for years.

The “Smart Kitchen” program delivers the ingredients, not the finished product. Covering Japanese, Western, and Chinese varieties, the freely-delivered dishes range from simple bread and pastries to creative and advanced dishes such as sweet-and-sour pork in black vinegar sauce and lobster with broccoli. Basically, all the ingredients and sauces you need are included, so you just need the pan, dishes, and 10 minutes (for the “Authentic Home Cooking In 10 Minutes” line) to have a freshly-made meal.

Until March 11th, families (or single people; there’s no discrimination) can order a “test kit” of sweet-and-sour pork chop suey and hamburger is available for 980 yen, instead of 2000 yen, RocketNews24 reports.

While Lawson got its start in America, it’s been Japan focused since. In 2012, it started opening up branches in Hawaii. Maybe American will be able to get a taste of the Smart Kitchen soon enough.