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Brush Up On Basics for Food Safety Month

safe food

Although food safety should always be a top priority for your business, September is National Food Safety Month, a great time reinforce its importance with your employees. Brush up on these basic principles with your employees this month:

  • Temperature Monitoring – Maintenance of proper food temperatures is critical for preventing foodborne illnesses. Poultry should be cooked to 165° F, ground meats to 155° F, and seafood to 145° F. Instawares offers a variety of thermometers to monitor food temperatures while cooking and serving. Plus, from now through the end of the month, all Ecolab thermometers are 20% off.
  • Cross Contamination – Pathogens can easily be transferred from one surface or food to another during prep and storage. Avoiding bare hand contact with food and cleaning and sanitizing food-contact surfaces are good ways to prevent this from happening. Another easy way to avoid cross contamination when prepping food is using a produce wash like ProduceShield to guard against harmful organisms.
  • Cleaning and Sanitizing – Always clean and sanitize food-contact surfaces:
  1. After they are used
  2. Any time food handlers are interrupted during a task and the items being used may have been contaminated
  3. Before food handlers start working with a different type of food
  4. After four hours if items are in constant use

Following these simple steps goes a long way in preventing illnesses and can save you time and money.