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I Scream For Ice Cream…Supplies

Frozen yogurt, milkshakes, floats, fat free ice cream, and banana splits are all options your ice cream shop could be offering.  Customers love to have options so make sure you are prepared to offer them a variety of sweet treats. You work on the menu and we will work on a supplies checklist for you!

Key tip: Offer other foods to help carry you through the winter months.

Take a look at the shopping list below to make sure you have the essential tools to serve up customers that are screaming for ice cream.

  • Storage: You’ll need ways to store both dry and cold food items. At the very least, you’ll need airtight food boxes to keep cones and waffle bowls fresh. You’ll need shelves to keep those containers off the floor to keep the area organized and sanitary.
  • RefrigerationDipping cabinets are a must all types of shops, while walk-in coolers and freezers will be necessary for larger venues.
  • Cooking Equipment. Waffle cones are an easy up-sell because customers love them! For creating your own cones, check into a waffle cone baker. Don’t forget about the milkshakes. You will need a mixer to ensure you produce the best shake around town.
  • Serveware: You’ll need a way to store, organize, and present serving ware like cups and bowls, utensils, and napkins and there are a number of dispensers that are well-suited for the task. You might also consider a display case, especially if you’re offering baked goods.
  • Bussing and CleaningBussing suppliesdishwashers, and waste receptacles are important components keeping your truck or shop sanitary and welcoming. We’ve got these products available to order right now.

Key tip: If possible, make your ice cream onsite. Advertising freshly made ice-cream is a huge draw because of the taste and quality.

No matter how simple or elaborate your ice cream shop is, you need to make sure you have the right supplies and equipment.

5 Marketing Tips for Fall

As the seasons change so should your marketing. Use these 5 tips to keep your customers excited to come dine with you this Fall.

  1. Satisfy your football fanatics by offering special drink promotions on the weekends, and bringing in an extra TV or two so you can have multiple games on.
  2.  Celebrate Oktoberfest with unbeatable beer specials. Oktoberfest is a great opportunity for you to add new, seasonal beers to the menu. You can even pair them with an appetizer as a way to increase your sales.
  3.  Encourage families to come in at the end of October with a week-long promotion where kids in costumes eat free.  This encourages the whole family to come in for a night out.
  4.  Add seasonal desserts and drinks to your menu. Items like pumpkin pie or pumpkin beer are great hits for the fall! It’s never too early to perfect the recipe so go ahead and select your favorite now
  5.  Start advertising your ability/availability to cater for the holidays. Most companies book months in advance so make sure to get the word out via networking events and social media that you are available to cater. If you have done an event in the past, ask that customer for a testimonial that you can share with prospects.

There’s no reason to fall behind this season. Bring on Fall!

4 Ways to Increase Delivery Sales

Grow your sales by adding a delivery service to your restaurant. In today’s world it’s all about making your brand and products convenient for your customers to access, and delivering your food is a perfect way to do that. Use these 4 tips to build your delivery sales.

  1. Be transparent with your customers by communicating an estimated time of arrival and other updates, such as delays. You want to avoid having a customer call up and ask where their food is.


  1. Consistent service is what your customers expect to receive. As a business owner or manager you have to commit to delivering food to the same standards that you deliver inside dining service. It’s the little things such as utensils being left out that can ruin a delivery experience. Create a checklist for your delivery team so they never have a bad delivery.


  1. Get the word out that you offer delivery. You can do this by partnering with websites like EatStreet or Grubhub. They allow hungry customers to browse their delivery options and then order online. This makes it easy for you to gain new customers.


  1. Reward your loyal customers by giving them an incentive to keep ordering. This can be a point system for every entrée ordered or dollar spent. Once they reach a designated amount they get a free dessert or appetizer. Loyalty programs give customers a reason to keep coming back to you versus another restaurant.


Remember to always ask for customer feedback on your service, especially if delivery is new to your restaurant. This will ensure you are meeting customer expectations so you can ultimately grow your sales!