Choosing Your Foodservice Establishment Name


Are you drawing a blank when brainstorming potential names for your new foodservice establishment? Choosing the right establishment name is important since the name should embody the feel of your brand and sound inviting for customers. Selecting a poor or overcomplicated name can negatively affect your profit margin before the doors even open. Before choosing a name for your foodservice establishment, use these simple techniques to make the process easier:

  • Location – The location and geographical area near your establishment’s site can provide potential names for your business. Consider naming your establishment after the surrounding cities, historical sites, beaches, lakes, or mountains in the area.
  • Concept – The concept and cuisine of your establishment is a great starting point when choosing a name. You can choose a foodservice establishment name that embodies your brand and its unique atmosphere.
  • Pronunciation – Avoid names which are difficult to spell or pronounce to make it easy for customers to find your establishment online.
  • Trademarks – Before deciding on a foodservice establishment name, research your list of potential names and make sure they are not trademarked to avoid legal trouble.