Slice and Dice

Slice-and-DiceDo you have a whole block of knives in your kitchen but find yourself using the same few over and over again? Correctly using each knife will help to keep you safe and make the slicing and dicing task easier.  Here is a simple guide we have created to show the various types of knives and their uses.


Chef Knives
A chef knife is one of the most popular and versatile kitchen knives. Use this type of knife to slice and dice fruits, vegetables, meats and fish.

Pairing Knives
This knife is used for small tasks like peeling and slicing small fruits and vegetables.

Boning Knives
Extremely sharp blade used to simply remove meat from the bone. Boning knives are available in different flexibilities.

Bread Knives
A narrow serrated blade designed to quickly slice through soft products with a tough outer layer. This type of knife is great for slicing bread, tomatoes and melons.

Cleavers are available in a variety of thicknesses. Thin cleavers with fine blades are great for chopping and slicing vegetables. Thick cleavers are used to cut through firm vegetables, meat and poultry bones.

Slicing Knives
A slicer is used to carve meat into especially thin slices.

Explore other knives in your knife block and discover how simple slicing tasks become with the correct tool. Don’t forget to shop the large variety of knives from Instawares.