Reduce Food Waste


Are you letting food products go to waste? Each time you toss old produce or dry products past their expiration date, your foodservice establishment is losing valuable money. Instead of throwing away your potential profits, use these techniques in your everyday practices to reduce food waste.

Track & Buy

Avoid over-purchasing perishable items, like produce and meats, which can spoil quickly. Track the usage of time-sensitive products being used on a weekly basis to determine your truck order amount.

Date & Label

While organizing your weekly truck order, date and label every product that enters your foodservice establishment. This labeling process ensures the older products will be used before the new stock.

Inspect Truck Orders

Before signing off on truck orders, check the stock not only for accuracy, but to ensure product freshness and quality. If you receive a box of half-wilted lettuce or rotten tomatoes on your truck order, your establishment’s food waste costs will rise exponentially.

Repurpose Ingredients

Minimize food waste by repurposing ingredients into creative recipes and daily specials to use products before their expiration date. If you notice an expiration date creeping up on some of your products, consider recycling the ingredients into new dishes before they spoil.

By incorporating these simple practices into your foodservice establishment’s daily routine, you can easily reduce food waste and save money.