10 Incredibly Strange Ice Cream Flavors

ice-cream-instawaresAs summer approaches and temperatures start to rise, the sales of ice cream begin to climb. Over 70 percent of all ice cream sales occur between the months of June and August, and the most popular flavors are vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. To attract customers with more diverse palates, Ice cream companies are constantly coming up with new and unique flavors. Many of these experimental flavors walk the fine line between appealing and revolting, while others make you question whether or not the creators have actual, functioning taste buds. Take a look at this collection of 10 incredibly strange ice cream flavors from around the world:

Buttered Popcorn – Maggie Moo’s, an ice cream parlor known for unique flavors and the revolutionary ice cream pizza, debuted their buttered popcorn ice cream in 2011. By combining butter pecan ice cream, popcorn, and caramel, Maggie Moo’s has created a sweet and savory twist in the spirit of Jelly Belly’s incredibly popular buttered popcorn jellybeans.

Maine Lobster – Ben and Bill’s Chocolate Emporium in Bar Harbor, Maine has been selling lobster-flavored ice cream since the early 1990’s. The recipe is simple: frozen chunks of lobster meat in butter ice cream. This interesting combination was invented in order to prove that all of the ice cream sold at Ben and Bill’s is made from scratch. No thanks, Ben and Bill. We believe you.

Maple Bacon Sundae – During Baconalia, the heart-stopping bacon celebration, Denny’s unveiled the maple bacon sundae. This breakfast-meets-desert concoction was designed to take advantage of America’s increasing infatuation with bacon, one of the unhealthiest meats around. Layers of vanilla ice cream, maple syrup, and bacon crumbles are combined to create this potentially delicious health hazard.

Late Night Snack – This unique snack combination was created after the host of Late Night, Jimmy Fallon, sang a tribute song to Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Fallon was then approached by Ben & Jerry to promote a new flavor that blends sweet and salty together in harmonious fashion. Vanilla bean ice cream is rippled with salty caramel swirls and mixed with fudge-covered potato chip clusters.

Firehouse #31 – Baskin Robbins is known for featuring a wide variety of interesting ice cream flavors. One of their seasonal offerings combines sugar and spice in honor of America’s fire fighters. Firehouse #31 is a mixture of vanilla and cinnamon ice cream with red hot candies and atomic fireball swirls.

Prosciutto – Nearly any type of meat mixed with ice cream makes for an awkward combination, but prosciutto may be the strangest one yet. Prosciutto is a thinly sliced dry-cured ham that is used primarily in Italian dishes. Humphry Slocombe, an ice cream parlor in San Francisco, offers vanilla ice cream that is blended with prosciutto to create a creamy, salty experience like no other.

Strawberry Basil – Basil is an herb from the mint family that is used prominently in Italian and Thai food, but it is certainly not recognized as a common ice cream topping. Cold Stone Creamery introduced this unusual flavor in 2011 after extensive internal taste testing sessions. The basil is added in small amounts to provide a small hint of flavor that accompanies the strawberry, yellow cake, and whipped cream toppings.

Pizza – Max & Mina’s is a popular ice cream parlor in Flushing, New York that is known for offering incredibly odd flavors. Their pizza flavored ice cream is created with an egg yolk base and mixed with garlic, oregano, tomatoes, and cheese. Don’t bother making a special trip, because it tastes horrible.

Sardines & Brandy – The Heladeria Lares ice cream shop in Puerto Rico offers up to 50 unique flavors every day. The flavors are so strange that the shop was featured on the Travel Channel program, Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmerman. Heladeria Lares’ sardines and brandy ice cream combines distilled wine with smoked fish, a concoction that you will never see at your local grocery store.

Basashi Ice – To put an end to this list of incredibly strange ice cream flavors (and your appetite), I present you with Japan’s Basashi Ice. The Cup Ice Museum in Tokyo’s Ice Cream City features Basashi Ice, an ice cream made from raw horse meat. Just thinking about it gives me nightMARES. Get it?!