The Grocerant Evolution


Grocery stores are beginning to compete with fast casual and fast food establishments by introducing their new concept of the “grocerant” in select locations. This new dining phenomenon began catching traction when supermarkets converted small parts of their stores into full-service restaurants. The new grocerants attract attention from guests who enjoy the convenience of dining before or after hitting the grocery aisles.

The addition of grocerants began as an extension of in-store delicatessens, but have since expanded into full-size eateries with waiters and waitresses. The meal availability at grocerants differs by location and includes various cuisine types, such as pizza, fresh-made sushi, and even full bars. Billions of guests dine in grocerants every year and take advantage of the convenient eateries during their shopping trips, making this growing trend a profitable avenue for supermarkets.

As a result of the new grocerants, the lines between supermarkets and the restaurant industry have become blurred. Because of the increasing popularity of grocerants, stand-alone restaurants have stepped up their serving techniques to remain competitive, like changing marketing tactics or revamping menu offerings. Keep your own foodservice establishment versatile with the growing trend of grocerants by researching the competition in your area and adjusting your business practices to remain profitable.