Customer Care Outreach – What’s Your Bid?

Adam-Team-instawaresOpening a new restaurant, store, hotel, or an established school system looking to reorder a large quantity of supplies? Whether you’re searching the market for big equipment items or every day supplies, our bids department can assist you in locating the best available pricing. With representatives corresponding to various geographic regions, a sales consultant is only a phone call or a click away from assessing your business needs. As a customer, you can submit a bid on our website at by accessing the “Custom Quotes” tab, located on our homepage. Contacting the bids department through customer service can also get your search started, by providing the necessary information regarding your bid.

Getting Started

To begin the bids process, the customer needs to be aware of the products they wish to purchase, as well as, any constraints pertaining to spacing, time, and pricing. As the customer, it is your duty to communicate this information pertaining to your request(s) to the bids department. When you access the “Custom Quote” tab, a form will appear, requesting contact information and details about your bid. This information will be used for easy correspondence by the respective sales consultant with you, and for analysis of the market to meet your business or budgetary needs.

Requesting a bid: Large Equipment

In the past, bids were turned down if they didn’t meet a minimum monetary threshold. This “line in the sand” was $5,000. For the customer, this could create a situation where either an additional unit must be purchased, or failure to qualify for a bid. Recently, however, we have done away with this minimum, and are now accepting bid requests of all sizes. Of course, if you are looking for the lowest priced spatula, then I would recommend contacting customer service. Another strength exclusive to our bids department, is the accessibility to products or units unavailable in our online store. Customers searching for walk-in coolers for their business, whether seeking discounted pricing or not, will be immediately directed to our bids department. When opening a restaurant or hotel, the design, setup, and installation of the kitchen and kitchen equipment can prove tedious. Upon request, we can have a consultant come to your location to assess your space, and offer suggestions in the organization of your kitchen.

Requesting a bid: Small Wares

When opening a new business, supplies on a large scale are needed. With quantities on this scale, the amount of an order can skyrocket when purchasing supplies. Hotel pans, flatware, cooking utensils, dinnerware, and glassware are all examples of products that can, when purchased in large quantities, significantly increase the amount a customer will spend. If your order is time sensitive, and you need a large quantity of small wares, the bids department will be able to locate available products and offer them at a price within your budget. If you have an extensive list of products needed for the opening of a business, you can fax it in to our bids department for review at (770) 874-9951. However, it is your duty, as the customer, to correspond with the bids department to ensure your request was received and the proper information has been provided.

Tracking your bid

To identify the status of a bid, simply call into customer service. Any of our customer service representatives can assist you in acquiring an updated status of your order; however, it is advisable, especially for time sensitive bids, to contact your respective sales consultant within our bids department. They will be your primary contact throughout this process. Tracking, for specific items, is always uploaded onto your order as soon as they are shipped. So, if you’re opening a new place of business and have limitations to work within, contact our bids department and tell us what your bid is.

If you would like to contact me directly to take your bid request you can call me at (770)874-8448.

As always, I encourage your input! If you have any feedback, questions, or have experienced any of the aforementioned situations, please provide your input. I enjoy the opportunity to speak with our customers. For order inquiries, please contact’s customer service at (800) 892-3622.