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Attracting New Diners


Attracting new diners to your foodservice establishment can be a challenge for operators because of the high level of competition with local eateries. However, there are several easy marketing tactics you can use to promote your brand and stand out from the competition. Whether your establishment is a popular sit-down or a small café, these four tips can help your earn more customers and increase your profits.

1.       Focus on Food Photography

Utilizing social media to showcase your culinary creations can be a game changer for many establishments. Customers should be lured in by your food and posting aesthetically-pleasing food images can earn you more traffic. Consider hiring a professional photographer to pump up your picture portfolio online.

2.      Offer Free Wi-Fi

Offering free Wi-Fi at your foodservice establishment can not only boost your business, but also encourage diners to share pictures of their meals on social media and strengthen your brand.

3.      Schedule Events

Planning out live music, cooking classes, or trivia nights can entertain your guests and make dining at your establishment more fun. These special event nights get people interested in visiting your restaurant and increase your popularity and public reach.

4.      Offer Incentives

Capturing more attention for your brand with targeted incentives, like birthday coupons or loyalty points, can help you gain online followers, attract new diners, and gain repeat customers.