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4 Tips for Effective Management Meetings


The management team is the backbone to any successful foodservice establishment. Effective communication between all members of management is key to smooth sailing in your everyday business operations. Planning regular meetings for the management team can help facilitate better communication and keep everyone on the same page.

However, without proper planning, your meeting may only spread confusion instead of clarity. The agenda may become consumed with unimportant topics or transform into a social hour between colleagues. Plus, ineffective meetings quickly consume your labor costs and pull staff from important tasks needed to run the operation.

Instead of muddling through your next meeting, use these four tips to plan effective meetings with your entire management team:

1.       Proper Planning

Plan your meetings ahead of time and make attendance mandatory. Generally, these meeting times should last for 60-90 minutes to allow for proper discussion without burning out. Schedule a loose timeline for the meeting to help keep you on track.

2.      Stay on Track

Create an agenda of topics to discuss in advance and stay on track during the meeting. If other topics organically come up, decide if the issues should be tackled immediately or if scheduling a future meeting would allow for better discussion.

3.      Facilitate Communication

Make sure the general manager runs the meeting to set clear expectations at the beginning. However, plan time to allow all members of management to speak up and voice their opinions during the meeting.

4.      Assign Actions

Before leaving the meeting, create specific goals for the establishment for the next meeting. Make sure everyone knows their specific responsibilities to help reach your next goal and keep your operation running smoothly.

Foodservice Industry Language


The foodservice industry has its own unique language and slang used by staff members. Even with so many tricky phrases to learn, clear communication is crucial for serving the best food quality and avoiding miscommunication. Review these common phrases used in the foodservice industry to keep you on your game.

  • 86 – Whenever a kitchen runs out of a particular menu item, the dish is considered “86.”
  • Back of the House – The areas of the operation for staff members only, including the dish room, wait station, kitchen, and storage areas.
  • Bar-back – The assistant to the bartender that typically restocks liquor cabinets, runs glasses to the wash room, and pours drinks for the wait staff.
  • Cremate or Kill It – Cooking food extremely well done and overcooked at a guest’s request.
  • Expeditor – The staff member who groups plates together by table number to be picked up by servers and delivered to the diners.
  • Front of House – The areas of the establishment guests are allowed, including the dining room and bar.
  • In the Weeds – Refers to whenever a restaurant is extremely busy or overwhelmed.
  • On the Fly – This phrase is used when something needs to be prepared right away.
  • Sharking – Luring an employee to leave one establishment to join another.
  • Table Turn – The length of time it takes to complete a full revolution of service, including seating, dining, getting the check, and resetting for the next group.
  • Turn & Burn – The act of turning a table quickly to accommodate a long waiting list.