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5 Tips to Prepare for the Holiday Season


Is your establishment ready for the crowds this holiday season? Satisfying guests during busier dining periods is difficult, but handling the extra action is critical to your success this holiday season. Use these helpful tips and tricks to ensure your establishment is ready for anything this holiday season.

1. Check Your Stock – Check your food inventory to ensure your establishment is stocked on food essentials and ingredients commonly used to prepare your menu items. Additionally, perform a routine check on other supplies and equipment, like ice machines, ovens, dinnerware sets, and glassware, to ensure your establishment is stocked with the best service supplies this holiday season.

 2. Hire Seasonal Staff – Bring in extra help for the holiday season. While hiring new or inexperienced staff members can help fill necessary roles quickly, consider hiring an experienced flex team member or former employees to decrease time and money spent on training.

 3. Update Your Menu – Refresh your menu with seasonal favorites and a few experimental food choices to entice your guests to dine out. Offering daily or weekly specials can entice guests to dine out at your establishment more frequently. Plus, adding new dishes priced at a premium, like wine, steak, or desserts, can help boost your profits during the season.

 4. Decorate Your Space – Decorate indoor and outdoor spaces with seasonal decorations to create a festive atmosphere. This increases the novelty of eating out during the holidays and will encourage guests to visit more frequently and spend more while dining at your establishment.

 5. Spread the Word –Use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media outlets to market your seasonal specials online by adding location, tantalizing food pictures, or showcasing daily deals without costing a dime.