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Hiring for the Front of the House


Are your customers getting the best front of the house experience? The experience in the front of the house can make or break your guests’ impressions of your brand. While many people might think working in the front of the house is easy, dealing with customers and ensuring the best guest experience requires specialized skills from your staff members.

Without the proper personality, your front of the house staff members can drive business away from your establishment. Inattentive wait staff or a dismissive hostess can make the dining experience a disaster for your customers. Plus, bad customer experiences can negatively affect your online ratings and tarnish your reputation with the community.

Before filling critical positions in the front of the house, like host/hostess, wait staff, and bussers, make sure the candidates have these important traits:

  • Friendly and personable demeanor
  • Exceptional customer service skills
  • Quick-thinking and problem-solving attitude
  • Passionate about people
  • Reliable and punctual
  • Happy and hungry to learn more
  • Present themselves in a professional manner

Keep in mind, technical skills for the job can be taught or refined during the training process. To become an industry leader now and in the future, you must hire passionate people to stand behind your brand name.

How to Hire Reliable Employees


Finding a reliable employee in the sea of potential workers can be overwhelming, especially with the high turnover rate in the foodservice industry. However, as an employer, there are simple adjustments you can make to your hiring strategy that can astronomically improve the chances of finding the right employee for your business.

1)      Positive Job Posting

When writing the job description online, focus on the positive aspects about working for your foodservice operation. This method of job posting gets potential candidates excited about the position even before they apply for the job. Ask employees the positives about working for the company and include their feedback in your job post. Consider scouting out the competition to find out what their job positions offer for potential employees and if you can improve your offer.

2)     Filter the Resumes

When scouting out potential chefs for your foodservice operation, choose candidates with a stable work history. Make sure they have held down past or current jobs for a year or more to gauge their company loyalty and reliability. Check their references and qualifications for authenticity and reliability. Pay special attention to any special training, education courses, or prior experience that would benefit your business. As for references, pay attention to the relationship the potential employee has with them – friends or same-level coworkers do not provide an accurate representation of the candidate like a superior would report.

3)     Hold On to Other Potentials

To ensure success in the present and future, hold onto the resumes of other potential candidates. Considering sending a follow-up message to stay in contact with candidates that you could hire in the future. By holding onto pre-screened resumes, you already have a good quality list to start with the next time you need to hire staff.