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Music Makes a Difference


The music playing in a foodservice establishment is more than just background noise. Playing the right type of music can positively affect your diners’ buying habits and boost your bottom line. Modern diners are looking for a complete experience when dining out and the right music sets the foundation for an enjoyable dining experience. Plus, music helps guests feel more comfortable at your establishment and encourages them to stay longer (and spend more).

A music-free foodservice establishment is filled with the sounds of clanking plates, loud conversations, and noise from the kitchen. However, soft background noise and carefully chosen playlists make your establishment more inviting to everyday diners and add to the overall dining atmosphere. Operators can also use customizable overhead messages to advertise new menu items or special offers without being intrusive into the guest experience.

Make the most of your music selection by switching up your programming based on your target customers, time of day, season, or holiday to create a personalized dining experience for your patrons. If you’re looking to find the right music, consider polling your employees or patrons to get insight on trending music and new technology to enhance the guest experience.

Take the time to tune into your customers’ music tastes and earn more every day.

Choosing the Right Restaurant Music


Choosing the right music for your establishment can be tricky since the decision creates the atmosphere and feel of the entire restaurant space. Use the five tips below to tailor the music taste to fit your foodservice operation’s specific needs:

1)      Not Just Background Noise

Although the music selections will be played in the background, the playlist does more than fill the lull between voices and clanking coffee cups. The music you choose directly affects the emotions and feelings of the customer, even going so far as to cement the brand of your entire establishment. Selecting the right music will leave them in a more positive, uplifted state of mind and can simultaneously help you grow a base of repeat business.

2)     Management and Installation

Consider the size and scope of your restaurant. How many locations are open? Will the music installation process be expensive? Is the process quick or time-consuming? The costs of installation can add up quickly if you’re not careful and aware. Manage your expenses with the cost of installation to avoid breaking the bank.

3)     Selection and Controls

Tailor the music selection to fit the feel and theme of your restaurant. Consider the geographical areas and types of patrons that tend to traffic your restaurant before deciding on a music selection. Be aware of your audience’s likes and dislikes. For example, modern pop music may not play well in a Midwest-themed steakhouse. Instead of haphazardly throwing a playlist together, spend time to choose the music selection based on your customers’ preferences.

4)     Poll the Employees

Getting your employees’ opinions on the music selection can help create a better team environment. Not only can employees provide insight on trending music or new technology, they can also become involved in the process. Letting employees choose songs from a pre-approved playlist or suggesting artists for the selection can encourage engagement in the foodservice operation itself.

5)     Technological Advancement

Before deciding on an outlet to play your music, consider the potential technological advancement in the coming years. Choosing an intuitive music player can help narrow down audience preference or update music automatically. These features can help churn out a fresh, ever-changing playlist to follow new music trends and create a better listening experience for customers.