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4 Tips to Hire Better Employees


Are you having trouble attracting reliable employees to your business? Turnover in the foodservice industry is constant, leaving you without a dependable and qualified team. However, you can take action now to stop the turnover cycle and build a team of reliable staff members.

Find (and keep) better employees for your business with these four tips:

1.       Write Better Job Descriptions – Following the same boring job description format only tells potential employees that your business is bland. Instead of following the stuffy format, pump up your posting with an inviting tone to make your brand stand out to potential applicants.

 2.      Use Photos & Video – Loading fun videos and photos on your website can be a powerful recruitment tool for your establishment. Potential employees will appreciate the behind-the-scenes look of your business and you can showcase your team enjoying their roles.

 3.      Get Positive Online Reviews – Before applying to a position, potential employees often search for the “inside” opinion on your establishment. If your online reviews are overly negative, it can hurt your chances of finding the right employee.

 4.      Have a Good Reputation – If you’re known as a great employer, current and former employees can help recommend your establishment by word of mouth. Plus, this will help build your brand to draw in the best outside prospects as well.

What’s Brew? Discover the Latest Coffee Trends


With more than half of American adults drinking coffee everyday, satisfying the needs of daily drinkers is a constant challenge for the coffee industry. Boring brews fall flat with consumers now accustomed to more complex coffee beverages. In an attempt to stay ahead of the coffee curve, the industry is enticing new and repeat java drinkers to fuel up with these new coffee trends:

  • Showcase Baristas – The hard work behind your brew is no longer going unnoticed. Companies are counting on reliable, experienced baristas to make the difference in their customers’ morning cups of coffee. Within the past few years, coffee competitions have grown in scope, helping to glamorize the important role of a barista as well as test their skills.
  • Gourmet Beans – Instead of opting for a low-quality blend of beans, many brewers are stepping up their coffee game in big ways. Using environmentally-friendly coffee cups, obtaining beans from ethical sources, and supporting local coffee shops all go into brewing the modern cup of coffee. Other businesses are even adding an extra shot of caffeine or using ice cubes made of coffee to give their brews a bigger punch.
  • Origin & Flavors – While regional differences for coffee beans give each blend a unique taste, companies are now highlighting these subtle nuances right on their menu boards. Instead of brief descriptions, each cup of coffee is given character with a full explanation of its origin and various tasting notes. Some brewers are even encouraging drinkers to experience the coffee blend’s unmasked flavor by sipping without the sugar and creamer.
  • Spiked Beverages – The popularity of spiked brews and coffee cocktails has been on a steady rise the past couple of years. With subtle nuances and sophisticated flavors, each different coffee bean and roast gives mixologists the opportunity to experiment with unique coffee concoctions. These adult coffee brews are now being added to specialty beverage menus to attract new customers.

Choosing the Right Location


With the fluctuating market and ever-changing location availability, finding your dream location can start to seem more like a nightmare of stress and confusion. However, choosing the right location is crucial to the success of your foodservice establishment. Before deciding on a final location for your foodservice operation, consider these important variables.

  • Available Space

Not all available spaces are considered equal. Make sure the potential space fits your needs for kitchen size, available dining space, dry storage, and an office. A large empty space fills up quickly with restaurant supplies and equipment so make sure the listing fits your necessary space requirements.

  • Parking

Make sure you choose a location with adequate parking to accommodate your guests. Some people may opt for more convenient locations with easier parking if finding an open parking space is a hassle.

  • Visibility

Consider acquiring a restaurant space in a well-traveled location. Choosing a location that is visible from the road creates an easy advertising opportunity by increasing spontaneous visits from new customers.

  • History

If your potential location has had a history of establishments going in and out of business, the past can reflect poorly on your new foodservice operation. Potential customers may associate your new establishment with the past and consider it just another space filler for the time being.

  • Nearby Competition

When scouting out a potential location, check out the other food competition in the area. If there are several establishments offering the same type of cuisine, your business may not be as prosperous.