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Go Green: The Benefits of Eco-Friendly Disposables


For modern diners, every day is Earth Day.

The growing concern for the environment from patrons has led many foodservice establishments to ditch their plastic to-go containers in favor of eco-friendly disposables. Incorporating these green practices into your everyday routines can have a big impact on your business now and in the future.

Making the switch to environmentally-friendly disposables can help:

  • Protect the Planet – Reduce landfill waste and minimize your environmental footprint
  • Increase Your Profits – Over 50% of customers will pay more for products from businesses that support green initiatives
  • Enhance Your Image – Show the community you care and earn support from local foodies
  • Prepare for the Future – Stay ahead of new foodservice foam bands being implemented across the country

Ready to join the green revolution? Shop our wide selection of eco-friendly foodservice disposables today.

Food for Thought: Cashless Operations


With the latest payment technologies stressing ingenuity and convenience, many establishments are considering upping their digital payment methods and eliminating the option to pay with cash altogether. While goal of cashless operations is to stay relevant, these establishments may be missing important opportunities to connect with their customers, such as:

  • Encouraging Tips – Paying in cash gives guests the chance to recognize outstanding employees with extra tips for their good service.
  • Human Interaction – The small act of paying in cash opens an opportunity for extra interaction between staff members and customers. This gives your employees a chance to showcase their excellent customer service skills and earn loyal patrons.
  • Including Everyone – Generally, millennials are pretty savvy with technology. However, if customers are older or adverse towards going digital, going cashless can turn off potential patrons to your establishment.
  • Financial Flexibility – Sometimes technology fails and systems crash without warning. Accepting physical dollar bills provides a backup in times of technological failure.

Organized Maintenance Schedule


Keeping your establishment clean and in proper working order is key to building your profits. A poorly maintained operation will leave customers with a negative first impression of your business.  Instead of risking potential profits, keep your establishment clean and organized throughout 2018 by splitting your maintenance duties into daily, weekly, and monthly task lists:

Daily Maintenance

  • Wipe down kitchen equipment
  • Vacuum, dust, and clean front of house
  • Disinfect kitchen contact surfaces
  • Maintain beverage stations

Weekly Maintenance

  • Disinfect floor drains
  • Organize dry and refrigerated storage areas
  • Deep clean cooking equipment
  • Clean outside areas

Monthly Maintenance

  • Clean grease traps to code
  • Drain and sanitize ice machines
  • Extensive dusting of front of house
  • Wash the dining room walls

These maintenance duties are essential to running a safe and profitable business. If you wish to save employee labor expenses on more intensive maintenance duties, consider hiring seasoned professionals to complete these essential maintenance tasks during non-business hours.