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Mobile Ordering Made Easy


With the rise of mobile ordering to help customers “skip the line,” foodservice establishments have more of their profits at stake than just a few years ago. Since 2015, the mobile ordering industry has grown exponentially from its starting point at $4 billion and has continued to rise. By 2020, this mobile ordering technology is predicted to top $38 billion and account for 10.7% of total quick-serve establishment sales.

With revenue trending towards mobile ordering, it is imperative that businesses optimize their online ordering platforms to provide guests with the best service. Before launching your establishment’s mobile ordering platform, consider these four points to provide the best online ordering experience:

  1. Ensure Product Quality – Just because customers are ordering ahead, doesn’t mean they want their latte to be lukewarm at the first sip. Ensure that food stays at its proper temperature until the designated pickup time to meet your customers’ food quality expectations.
  2. Prepare on Time – Be sure your online orders are prepared on time. Customers who ordered ahead to skip the line can quickly become disillusioned with your operation if they find themselves watching the clock when waiting for their orders.
  3. Designate a Pickup Area – Create a designated pickup area for mobile orders. Making a clear point of pickup streamlines the online order process. Plus, this cuts down on customer complaints from those ordering in the traditional line who might see a guest come in, skip the line, and grab their mobile order at the front.
  4. Order, Pay, Repeat – Be sure your mobile app streamlines the order process and makes it easy to order again and again. A smart restaurant app should have the ability to track past orders and save your customers’ frequently-ordered items.

In the age of online ordering, your establishment must stay ahead of the curve to satisfy your customers’ needs for fresh food fast.

Food for Thought: Cashless Operations


With the latest payment technologies stressing ingenuity and convenience, many establishments are considering upping their digital payment methods and eliminating the option to pay with cash altogether. While goal of cashless operations is to stay relevant, these establishments may be missing important opportunities to connect with their customers, such as:

  • Encouraging Tips – Paying in cash gives guests the chance to recognize outstanding employees with extra tips for their good service.
  • Human Interaction – The small act of paying in cash opens an opportunity for extra interaction between staff members and customers. This gives your employees a chance to showcase their excellent customer service skills and earn loyal patrons.
  • Including Everyone – Generally, millennials are pretty savvy with technology. However, if customers are older or adverse towards going digital, going cashless can turn off potential patrons to your establishment.
  • Financial Flexibility – Sometimes technology fails and systems crash without warning. Accepting physical dollar bills provides a backup in times of technological failure.

5 Ways to Use Technology in Your Restaurant

Technology in the restaurant industry has come a long way, but technology is always evolving. In order to keep up with your competitors and increase efficiencies in your restaurant, it’s important to keep up with the latest technology trends. Start by implementing these 5 things into your restaurant in order to meet the demands of consumers.

  1. Point-of-sale Technology
    POS technology is a must in the restaurant industry. By implementing an advanced POS system you can eliminate human errors, reduce losses and increase efficiency. Customers will be pleased with the checkout process and things will be easier for everyone.
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  3. Advanced Forms of Payment
    Paying with cash and card are no longer the preferred methods of payment for consumers. Apple Pay and Google Wallet have changed the way consumers make purchases. Restaurants need to implement advanced forms of payment and online ordering to keep their customers happy.
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  5. Automated Services
    Speed and quality are easy to improve with automated services. Automatic ordering systems can help to save time and cut costs. Once the order is placed, prep work can be triggered which will lead to consistent ticket times.
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  7. Technologically Integrated Dining Experiences
    Interactive tables and televisions are becoming more popular to see in restaurants. Many restaurants have started placing iPads at tables with trivia, music and ordering platforms.
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  9. Customer Data
    A personalized experience is what every customer is looking for. Implementing technology can help to make gathering customer data much simpler. Use technology to record what type of customers come into your restaurant, what they order and to receive their feedback.
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