Breakfast Solutions


Sweet syrup and fluffy pancakes are delicious, but did you know this pair can help increase your restaurant’s revenue? The increasing consumer demand for breakfast options can help not only expand your menu offerings, but give your profit margin a boost. Consider opening your foodservice establishment earlier and offering breakfast to your customers.

Start the process using the following tips:

1)      Small Scale Start

Consider doing a test run of breakfast one or two days per week. This strategy will help generate buzz for your business without risking costly monetary expenses on food or labor. Pay close attention to customers’ reactions and the amount of traffic you receive during breakfast hours. Offering breakfast on a small scale will give you a glimpse into the popularity of breakfast in your area and possible room for profit.

2)     Research Menu for Rewards

Thoroughly researching the menus of local breakfast spots can give you an idea not only of what consumers are expecting for their first meal of the day, but also possible lapses in food coverage. Find a niche in the breakfast market by combining popular eats with creative side dishes or exotic spices. Doing the research before offering breakfast can help save on food waste and increase the chances of your success.

3)     Remain Versatile

Throughout the process of offering breakfast, keep meticulous notes on the most popular dishes, customer feedback, and the amount of customers you receive during breakfast hours. Make adjustments to your routine and technique to remain versatile in the foodservice industry and provide the best service possible to your customers.

Master your morning routine and start creating your own breakfast menu with savings on select breakfast solutions, now until 7/16/17.