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Commercial vs. Residential Blenders


Is your food service operation in the market for a new blender? If you have been comparing blender prices, you may be wasting your time. Rather than looking at the price tag, consider the grade of the blender. Residential grade blenders may cost less than commercial blenders according to the price tag, but residential blenders cost more in the long run. Consider the following when purchasing a new blender:

If your food service operation uses a blender more than 3 times a day, a residential blender will not keep up with your restaurant’s needs. Residential blenders are made to be used 1-3 times a day while commercial blenders are made to be used 1-100 times a day.

Residential blenders are unable to offer a consistent product for your customers. You don’t want customers to fall in love with a drink, then come back for the same thing and have it taste completely different. Many commercial blenders offer customizable settings to maintain consistency from multiple users.

Rules & Regulations
Many residential blenders do not meet insurance and health code requirements. Commercial blenders offer more safety features and are safe to use in high volumes, an important thing to consider for insurance purposes. Cleaning is important to meet health code requirements. Not meeting these requirements will leave you with large fines and skeptical customers. Commercial blendersare easy to take apart and sanitize. Residential blenders are tough to clean and disassemble.

Commercial blenders come with a commercial grade warranty. If a part breaks on your residential blender, you are going to be stuck replacing and paying for the parts.

An overworked blender can overheat quickly. Unlike residential, commercial blenders are built with proper motor cooling fans to prevent overheating. They also have a steel clutch and ball bearings to help reduce vibration.

 If you want to purchase a blender that will last, and keep up with the needs of your kitchen, choose a commercial grade blender.