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Change the Way You Cook

Change the way you cook

Need to increase kitchen productivity and reduce energy costs? Turbo Pot cookware can help you address both issues with one product. When compared to conventional cookware, Turbo Pot  is 30-50% faster providing you with decreased ticket times and energy consumption.  The unique Turbo Pot design reduces the amount of wasted gas that escapes over the side of conventional cookware and leads to higher AC costs.

Through June 13, 2016 you can save 5% on all Turbo Pot cookware. Choose from 20+ Turbo Pot products in various sizes and styles.

Still think it’s too good to be true? See for yourself how Turbo Pot can change the way you cook:

Cook with Cast Iron


Cast iron pans are a must have in any kitchen. Not only do cast iron pans look great, but they last a long time. They’re easy to clean, and versatile to fit the needs of any kitchen. If you cook on a variety of heat sources, cast iron is the way to go!


Now through April 9, 2016 Lava is offering 15% off select cast iron cookware. Lava products are versatile, high quality, predictable, durable and sustainable. All cast iron Lava products are made from 100% recyclable material and provide predictable, high-quality results every time. Whether you cook in the kitchen or over the campfire, the pan will maintain its quality and durability. All products are sand-cast, coated with 3 layers of enamel, twice-fired and finished by hand. No matter what your signature dish is, there’s a cast iron pan for you!


Lava is only offering this discount until April 9, 2016 so act fast to receive 15% off your new favorite pan!


We heard that microwaves reduce nutrients…

We’ve all heard that microwaving our food might not be the best method because it kills key nutrients.  But a microwave is very convenient when making lunch or dinner, so avoiding it seems out of the question. Thankfully, there’s good news to share from recent research that says microwaves might not be as bad as we think they are.

Cornell University conducted a study that compared the nutrient value from foods that were steamed, baked, boiled, and microwaved. What they found was that the worst things for nutrients are water, temperature, and time. Microwaves actually involve the least amount of those three enemies, so foods that were microwaved came out with higher water-soluble nutrient concentrations- which is a good thing! Ultimately, even though microwaves generate high heat, the cooking time is generally less than other cooking methods which results in more nutrition.

So hold on to those microwaves and enjoy your nutritious leftovers!