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Hiring for the Front of the House


Are your customers getting the best front of the house experience? The experience in the front of the house can make or break your guests’ impressions of your brand. While many people might think working in the front of the house is easy, dealing with customers and ensuring the best guest experience requires specialized skills from your staff members.

Without the proper personality, your front of the house staff members can drive business away from your establishment. Inattentive wait staff or a dismissive hostess can make the dining experience a disaster for your customers. Plus, bad customer experiences can negatively affect your online ratings and tarnish your reputation with the community.

Before filling critical positions in the front of the house, like host/hostess, wait staff, and bussers, make sure the candidates have these important traits:

  • Friendly and personable demeanor
  • Exceptional customer service skills
  • Quick-thinking and problem-solving attitude
  • Passionate about people
  • Reliable and punctual
  • Happy and hungry to learn more
  • Present themselves in a professional manner

Keep in mind, technical skills for the job can be taught or refined during the training process. To become an industry leader now and in the future, you must hire passionate people to stand behind your brand name.

Table Waiting 101


Your wait staff members are a direct representation of your business and can make or break your guests’ dining experiences. Therefore, investing in proper training for wait staff can make a big difference in your profit margins. Devote adequate time and supervised practice to training before letting rookie team members take on waiting tables by themselves. Use the quick tips below to start the training process of new wait staff and increase your establishment’s revenue:

  • Look Presentable – Looking tidy and professional is essential to making a great first impression on guests. A clean, neat uniform represents your business in a positive light and makes staff easily recognizable to diners looking for assistance. Shop our selection of fashionable and functional Chef Works uniforms here.
  • Know the Menu – Knowledgeable wait staff makes all the difference. Being familiar with every menu item saves ordering time and allows wait staff to quickly notify guests of potential food allergies in dishes.
  • Suggest Companion Items – From dessert to wine, suggesting additional menu items not only increases revenue, but can introduce customers to a wider variety of menu offerings.
  • Manage & Multitask – Staff members should decrease trips back and forth from the kitchen and tables by combining tasks. Check on tables every few minutes to ensure guests have everything they need to enjoy their dining experiences.
  • Check for Accuracy – Before serving guests’ food, double check the order to make sure the dishes are cooked to their specifications. By employing this method, your wait staff can minimize customer complaints at your establishment.

Update Employee Uniforms


Are your employee uniforms in need of an update? Believe it or not, employee uniforms can have a big impact on customers’ initial impressions of your foodservice establishment. Learn more the importance of uniforms and a standard dress code below.

First Impression

Uniforms are the customers’ first impression of your foodservice establishment, effortlessly showcasing its unique look and feel. Choose uniforms based on the atmosphere of your establishment and the impression you want to have on the diners.


Cleanliness is the key to keeping customers satisfied and coming back to visit. Without proper uniforms or clear personal hygiene standards, customers assume your establishment is dirty and disorganized, just like your staff members’ appearances. Choose a crisp, professional look to convey a high standard of cleanliness.

Easy Employee Recognition

With matching and defined uniforms, guests who need assistance never have to hesitate. Without a dress code, customers can become confused as to who is a staff member and who is a regular diner. Matching uniforms make it easy for staff members to be easily spotted by customers.

Pride & Confidence

Wearing cohesive uniforms helps staff members feel like part of a team and build camaraderie between all team members. Proper uniforms demonstrate confidence and professionalism, making your employee team look reliable and trustworthy.

Utilize the functional designs and fresh uniform looks from Chef Works to create a presentable representation of your unique brand. Customize the uniforms with a logo or name for additional personalized touch. To help you outfit your whole team, take advantage of free shipping on all Chef Works apparel, now until 9/17/17.