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Tea Time: Two Leaves and a Bud


Ready to try something a little different than corporate Starbucks brewed tea? Two Leaves and a Bud may just steal your heart with their fresh, creative tea varieties. The tea company has been budding for over a decade now and specializes in its organic and fair trade tea blends. Originating in a small Colorado town, this independent tea company still keeps its quaint feel in their products with whimsical packaging, creative enough to match its multitude of tea blends.

From classic black tea to herbal blends, Two Leaves and a Bud has a tea type that everyone is sure to fall in love with from the first sip. Their tea lines feature organic blends including traditional black, green, herbal, and caffeine free. Two Leaves and a Bud even offers a variety of brewing forms to satisfy your taste buds – in sachet, loose, or paisley packaging form and available in both hot and iced varieties. Two Leaves and a Bud also has a variety pack or sampler boxes to showcase their tea blends. These multipacks are ideal for indecisive customers, gifting for clients, or those wishing to expand their tea palettes.

Additionally, Two Leaves and a Bud’s presentation boxes are perfect for sharing and adding warmth to the tea drinking experience. Instawares offers a filled presentation chest pre-stocked with various tea blends as well as an empty wood chest which can be filled with a custom blend of teas. These presentation boxes can easily showcase teas on the front counter or at the drink station in a foodservice operation. If trying to impress a client, these boxes make an excellent and professional gift that is sure to please both aesthetically and taste-wise. Include Two Leaves and a Bud products at your restaurant today to improve the taste and selection of your tea varieties.