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Customer Care Outreach – What’s Your Bid?

Adam-Team-instawaresOpening a new restaurant, store, hotel, or an established school system looking to reorder a large quantity of supplies? Whether you’re searching the market for big equipment items or every day supplies, our bids department can assist you in locating the best available pricing. With representatives corresponding to various geographic regions, a sales consultant is only a phone call or a click away from assessing your business needs. As a customer, you can submit a bid on our website at by accessing the “Custom Quotes” tab, located on our homepage. Contacting the bids department through customer service can also get your search started, by providing the necessary information regarding your bid.

Getting Started

To begin the bids process, the customer needs to be aware of the products they wish to purchase, as well as, any constraints pertaining to spacing, time, and pricing. As the customer, it is your duty to communicate this information pertaining to your request(s) to the bids department. When you access the “Custom Quote” tab, a form will appear, requesting contact information and details about your bid. This information will be used for easy correspondence by the respective sales consultant with you, and for analysis of the market to meet your business or budgetary needs.

Requesting a bid: Large Equipment

In the past, bids were turned down if they didn’t meet a minimum monetary threshold. This “line in the sand” was $5,000. For the customer, this could create a situation where either an additional unit must be purchased, or failure to qualify for a bid. Recently, however, we have done away with this minimum, and are now accepting bid requests of all sizes. Of course, if you are looking for the lowest priced spatula, then I would recommend contacting customer service. Another strength exclusive to our bids department, is the accessibility to products or units unavailable in our online store. Customers searching for walk-in coolers for their business, whether seeking discounted pricing or not, will be immediately directed to our bids department. When opening a restaurant or hotel, the design, setup, and installation of the kitchen and kitchen equipment can prove tedious. Upon request, we can have a consultant come to your location to assess your space, and offer suggestions in the organization of your kitchen.

Requesting a bid: Small Wares

When opening a new business, supplies on a large scale are needed. With quantities on this scale, the amount of an order can skyrocket when purchasing supplies. Hotel pans, flatware, cooking utensils, dinnerware, and glassware are all examples of products that can, when purchased in large quantities, significantly increase the amount a customer will spend. If your order is time sensitive, and you need a large quantity of small wares, the bids department will be able to locate available products and offer them at a price within your budget. If you have an extensive list of products needed for the opening of a business, you can fax it in to our bids department for review at (770) 874-9951. However, it is your duty, as the customer, to correspond with the bids department to ensure your request was received and the proper information has been provided.

Tracking your bid

To identify the status of a bid, simply call into customer service. Any of our customer service representatives can assist you in acquiring an updated status of your order; however, it is advisable, especially for time sensitive bids, to contact your respective sales consultant within our bids department. They will be your primary contact throughout this process. Tracking, for specific items, is always uploaded onto your order as soon as they are shipped. So, if you’re opening a new place of business and have limitations to work within, contact our bids department and tell us what your bid is.

If you would like to contact me directly to take your bid request you can call me at (770)874-8448.

As always, I encourage your input! If you have any feedback, questions, or have experienced any of the aforementioned situations, please provide your input. I enjoy the opportunity to speak with our customers. For order inquiries, please contact’s customer service at (800) 892-3622.

Shop Smarter with the Instawares Promise


Everyone has experienced a case of buyer’s remorse at some point in their lives. Whether you paid too much or simply did not get exactly what you needed, getting stuck with something you are not going to use can be a frustrating (and costly) experience. As part of our commitment to ensuring 100% customer satisfaction, the Instawares team is pleased to announce the all-new Instawares Promise. Our pledge to provide every customer with a superior online shopping experience, the Instawares Promise includes a price-match promise and no-hassle return policy to ensure that you are happy with every purchase.

Price Match Promise

Instawares is dedicated to offering the largest selection of restaurant equipment and supplies at the lowest prices in the industry. If you find a product that we carry at a lower price, online or in a showroom, simply call us at 1-888-465-8817 and we’ll match the competitor’s price. To expedite your request, make sure you have the competitor URL or quote on dealer letterhead handy.  For more information on our price match promise, visit the Instawares Promise page on our site.

No Hassle Return Policy

Returning an item can be an aggravating ordeal, so Instawares strives to make the process as painless as possible. We take the guesswork out of returns, providing quick and easy returns with no surprises. Unlike other restaurant supply companies, which charge restocking fees of 20% to 40% for returns, Instawares does not charge any fees for returns totaling up to $1,000. We’ll even pay shipping for all returns within 15 days of delivery. Find out more about our no-hassle return policy by visiting our Instawares Promise page.

Buy with 100% confidence knowing that your purchase is backed by the Instawares Promise and a company with ten years of experience selling restaurant equipment and supplies online (that’s us!).  Need help? Our customer service team is always ready to give you expert advice to help you decide which products are best for your needs. Contact us today.

Looking for new equipment? Look at the 4 Fs first.

food-equipmentIf anyone knows how to buy restaurant equipment, it’s Dick Bowder. As part of our Bids Team, Dick helps our customers outfit their operations with the right equipment at the best price. To teach the basics of buying restaurant equipment, Dick created his own course. Lesson 1: Before you go looking at equipment, look at your 4 Fs first.

Here are Dick’s 4 Fs for finding the best equipment for your needs.

FUNCTION – What end result are you trying to achieve?

Forget about what you think this piece of equipment should be. Focus on what are you want to achieve with this item. Here’s a simple example:  if you want a beautifully filleted fish, you don’t reach for a slicer or a pizza cutter even though both can cut. You pull out the trusty  filet knife because that’s the best way to achieve your end result.

To determine Function, you need to know:

  • What is the specific end result this item should produce  (the more specific you can be, the better the match)?
  • What is the volume this item must hold, process, or produce?
  • What about Wares and Accessories – for instance, what size pans should it accommodate or what accessories will it need?

Dick says, “Once we know the function, we can begin to look for the most suitable equipment that has the capacity and capability to produce the result you want.”

FIT – How big should it be and how much space do you have?

We’ve all heard about the restaurant owner who orders the state-of-the-art mega-range. And then finds out it won’t fit through the doors of his restaurant.  Here’s how to avoid that.

Some questions to consider:

  • Where is it going? Make sure that the location fits in with the work flow of that area.
  • How big does it have to be to do the job now? Should it be expandable or have a reserve capacity  for future use?
  • How big CAN it be? How much usable space do you have?  Can the installers get it through the doors and around the corner? What about local codes?
  • Will it hold/cook/display/wash the items you currently use? Or will also you have to buy new pots, pans, racks or other items that are designed to work with it?

FUEL – What makes it run and do you have access to that kind of power?

When we say fuel, we’re not talking gasoline vs. diesel here. We’re talking about what types of fuel this item has been configured for, which fuel works best for your needs, and can that fuel be delivered to where this piece is located.

Most equipment is powered by three “fuels”: natural gas, LP gas, and electricity. Variations of one piece of equipment may be configured for different power types.

Gas. You should know whether you have natural gas or LP gas at your location. The question you need to answer is whether gas is available at the point where you want to install the equipment. If not, then what will it take to pipe gas to that point and stay in compliance with the local codes?

Electricity. There are several different “types” of electricity and your equipment must match exactly the type available at that point. For safety reasons, there is no compromise. Dick strongly recommends you use a qualified electrician in compliance with the local codes to determine what types of power you have available and what you will need.

You are replacing an existing unit with another in the same location and you want it to work with the same power:

  • Determine what was powering the old equipment.  Look at the “data plate” on the old machine for the watts, volts, amps, and phase.
  • Inspect the machine’s breaker switch in the breaker panel to make sure it matches the data plate.
  • Check the plug on the machine and the wall socket where the machine was plugged to make sure they also match and neither has been altered.
  • Choose the best make and model machine for you that matches the existing power and performs the FUNCTION you require.

You are installing new equipment and/or installing in a new location and the type of power must either change or you must bring power to that location:

  • Choose the best make and model machine for you that performs the FUNCTION you require.
  • Consult its spec sheet for power requirements.
  • Check the panel box to see if that specific type of power is available.
  • Check the location to see if that power is available or if it can be run to that location in compliance with the local code.
  • Repeat until you find something that works. Or you decide to convert to hamster power.

FINANCE – What is the best piece of equipment within my budget?

Determine the ideal machine or class of machines using the first 3 steps. Then find the best price on it. At this point, many of our customers turn to Dick and the other experts on our Bids Team. Dick’s group works directly with the customer to find the best piece of equipment at the best price. The Bids Team can even arrange logistics and delivery for complex construction jobs.

Determine your budget independently of your machine selection. Yes, that means your budget could show you could afford a more expensive machine, or not.

Adjust your machine choice up or down to get the best your budget will allow. As Dick says, “Equipment is an investment in your business. You want to get the best quality you can possibly afford. Cheap equipment is much more expensive in the long run.”